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Štecová, Lenka
Identita reemigrantů z Rumunska v západních Čechách

The subject of this work is Identity of Reemigrants from Romania after World War II. The aim was to focus on reemigrants who came to the West Bohemian border region. This work is mainly devoted to the issue of reemigrant identity and how their identity associated wit...

Šimicová, Lenka
Performance genderové diference osob s fyzickým postižením

This bachelor thesis deals with the way in which people with physical disability experience their daily lives. My research is focused on naturally emerging anthropological themes such as embodiment, gender, bodily difference, otherness and ways of communicating with the able-bodied majority. ...

Laubová, Miroslava
Fungování a poslání křesťanských společenství v České republice.

This bachelor thesis is focused on the research of the functioning and mission of the Christian community in the Czech Republic. The aim of this work is to show its importance and role in the life of an individual who has entered such a community. The answers to...

Mertlová, Eva
(Ne) Vůle k aktivnímu životu: analýza vybraných životních aspektů seniorů v pečovatelském zařízení

The topic of the bachelor thesis is the issue of retirement of seniors from the normal home environment to facilities for seniors, selection of facilities, adaptation to new environment and leisure activities of seniors living permanently in the facility. Research has shown that se...

Märzová blažková, Petra
Etnosociální procesy v českém pohraničí - oblast Nejdecka

This thesis describes Czech-German relationships in the Czech borderlands and aims at interpreting the local ethno-social processes and the development of the demographic composition in the west Ore Mountains, Nejdek region. This region underwent a major change of the ethnic composition of&#...

Mečl, Luboš
České Slezsko pod vlivem industrializace

This bachelor thesis investigates the main motives of men from the Karviná region to become miners. It is based on research conducted among men who worked as miners before 1989 and answers the question whether these men's motives were purely pragmatic or whether the commun...

Prágrová, Pavlína
Proměna sociálně prostorové struktury v české obci po roce 1989

Main focus of this thesis is the process of suburbanization, namely the spatial and social transformation of a particular central bohemian village. The goal was to investigate how are the spatial and social changes interpreted by its long-time residents.

Hermanová, Viktorie
Doklady smrti ve veřejném prostoru: pomníčky u silnic

This thesis is concerned with the roadside memorials, which are viewed as a contemporary mourning ritual. We don't experience the physical aspect of death anymore thanks to the high level of medical care, so it stays hidden most of the time. The mourners must find new...

Hemplová, Štěpánka
Tradice svazování chodidel v Číně: biokulturní pohled

The main aim of this thesis is detailed analysis of biological impact, significance and historical practice of footbinding. The first part of the thesis is about biological view of the normal foot for better imagination of impact of the footbinding practice on female foot. The...

Šertlerová, Julie
Strava a stravování pražských dělníků v období od 2. pol 19. století do 30.let 20. století

This thesis deals with the analysis of food and catering of Prague workers from the second half of the 19th century to the 1930s. The theoretical part deals with anthropology of food and mapping of the existing research of ethnography of the workers on the Czech terr...

Rolencová, Alena
Funkce pověstí na moravském Slovácku mezi orální kulturou a folklorismem

Presented thesis deals with the analysis of authentic legends in the region of Moravian Kopanice and differences between literature and folk literature. Whole work is divided into two main parts, namely theoretical and practical. Theoretical part deals with the description of this regio...

Vrtišková, Pavla
Symbolika a funkce vztahu člověka a psa a jejich využití v pet průmyslu.

The aim of the thesis was to explore the relationship between man and dog in our cultural space and its importance. Human-Animal relationship is generally perceived as an essential part of human life, which is accompanied by many thought paradoxes. These arise from the multipl...

Saidl, Martin
Terénní výzkum rapové subkultury v Plzni

In this thesis I talk about the topic of the Pilsen rap scene, respectively to the ressistance character of the relationship between subculture and dominant culture. Pilsen rap scene is a heterogenous cell of individuals, building their individuality as a reaction to the character&...

Cibulková, Simona
Jídlo a sociální identita

This thesis describes the topic of food in relation to the identity of students of the University of West Bohemia and the University of Kent. It discusses what role a common meal can play in their life or how food can be associated with memories of their past&#x...

Pešková, Markéta
Vztah mezi vnitřní řečí a vnější komunikací

This thesis is focused on the phenomena of inner speech in relation to interpersonal communication, the cognitive development of a human being and the role which inner speech plays in everyday task execution. The first part describes the functions of inner speech and the ...

Vopičková, Daniela
Jména a pojmenovávání u rumunských Čechů (reemigrantů z Rumunska)

This bachelor thesis is about names and nicknames of remigrants from Romanian Banat. Research was done on big part of remigrants from St. Helena, that came to Czechoslovakia in half of 20th century. They have settled in Cheb and surrounding villages. I am comparing transmissio...

Vítková, Martina
Turismus a lokální kultura v interakci

This thesis aims to provide an analysis of the transformation of the traditional mountainous locality Pejo (Italy, Autonomous Province of Trento) into a busy touristic destination in the course of the second half of the 20th century. The main purpose of the work is to det...

Mrázek, Ondřej
Formování svébytné identity migrantů z Banátu pomocí tanečních večerů

In the bachelor thesis I will deal with migrants from Banat, who lives in the Czech Republic. I will focus on social events organized by them and the formation of their own identity through field research and semi-structured interviews. Thanks to the selected informants who&#x...

Trushina, Natalia
Vzpomínky na zanikla místa

This work is focused on transition of communicative and cultural memory. As an example it is using destroyed village Kolvín. People of Kolvín were displaced in 1952 by Czechoslovakian army, together with villages Padrť and Záběhlá, for sake of expanding military training grounds &q...

Šimková, Eva
Rozdílné vzorce socializace mezi dívkami z Banátu a České republiky

In my bachelor thesis I will focus on different patterns of socialization, education and free time of girls who came from the Banat region to the Czech Republic. For the use of field research, informal interviews and semi-structured interviews, I will examine the enclave of&#x...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 371