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Recent Submissions

Hamáček, Martin
Fučíkovo spektrum Laplaceova operátoru s integrální okrajovou podmínkou a jeho parametrizace

This thesis is devoted to studying of an eigenvalue problem of radially symmetric Laplace operator with a nonlocal (integral) boundary condition in general dimension $ n $. In addition, we are interested in describing the so-called Fučík spectrum of the corresponding problem.�...

Knížák, Pavel
Datová sada turistických rozcestníků a směrovek

This work deals with the creation of a set of tourist signposts and link data in Linked Open Data format. The first part of the thesis outlines the Linked Open Data theory with respect to spatial data and topological links. There is also a data model for signpos...

Huml, Josef
Vojenský újezd Brdy v prostředí webových mapových aplikací

This bachelor thesis deals with the Brdy Military Training Area in the environment of web map applications. It describes the history of the area and a research of base maps and web technologies for publishing of map layers. The main result of this thesis is a web...

Narovec, Petr
Měření svislých posunů mostní konstrukce

The bachelor thesis deals with the measurement of vertical displacements of the bridge structure. It is a bridge structure consisting of two reinforced concrete bridges on the road I/26. The thesis is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part&...

Podzimková, Eva
Digitální rekonstrukce a prezentace gotické tvrze v Blovicích

This bachelor's thesis deals with the reconstruction of the gothic-style Hradiště Château in Blovice and the wider surroundings of the castle and the creation of a virtual 3D model of the predicted shape of the building and its surroundings. First, the history of the Hradi...