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Fictumová, Anna
Optimalizace procedury usazování modelu figuríny do vozidla pro testování bočního nárazu

The purpose of this master thesis is to optimise and to document the approach of seating procedure performed in LoCo2 software and computed using PamCrash solver. The procedure as well as the computational background are explained. The processes of the seating procedure performed u...

Matas, Martin
Modelování vlivu kinetické energie atomů kovu a kyslíku na růst krystalických oxidů

Classical molecular dynamics using the Buckingham empirical potential was employed to optimize some technical parameters of the simulation procedure, and then to simulate the growth of Al2O3 thin films on alpha-Al2O3 (0001) substrate at 300 K. Crystallinity of the films obtained was inv...

Benešová, Martina
Počítačová simulace procesů na terči během reaktivního magnetronového naprašování

This thesis studies processes on a target during reactive magnetron sputtering. The theory of reactive magnetron sputtering and the methodology of simulations of atomic scale processes on the target are summarized and also SDTrimSP program is described in the first part of the thes...

Vacek, Vítězslav
Detekce procesu učení z elektrofyziologických dat

In this document I am about to suggest a method of measurement and subsequently verify if its possible to detect the process of learning from electrophysiological data using this method. Next Im going to design and implement scenarios for this experiment. These scenarios will ...

Malát, Jaroslav
Zabezpečené zpracování medicínských obrazových dat

The presented bachelor's thesis is focused on the problem of security in the processing of medical image data. The theoretical part of bachelor thesis is focused on legal regulations and laws for handling private data about patients and presents the most widely used ...