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Recent Submissions

Jirman, Jan
Deklarativní jazyk a nástroj pro transformaci dat mezi XML dokumenty

The main topic of the master's thesis is the design and implementation of a domain specific language suitable for mapping data in XML documents. The thesis first deals with the collection of information from which it is possible to create domain concepts. Based...

Mochura, Pavel
Detekce pohybu končetin z EEG signálu při cvičení na rehabilitačním robotovi

The EEG signals of the measured subjects contain different patterns depending on what the measured subject was doing. ERD/ERS are examples of such patterns that are tied to hand, finger or foot movements. This paper deals with the detection of motion in EEG signal based&#...

Pivovar, David
Detekce vybraných aktivit diabetického pacienta 1. typu

This thesis deals with carbohydrate and physical activity detection of a type 1 diabetic patient. The aim of the thesis was to evaluate existing detection methods and implement detection as filters in the SmartCGMS application. Two methods were proposed and implemented for carbohydrate&...

Ballák, Tomáš
Rekonstrukce API volaných webových služeb

This master's thesis is focused on the reconstruction of the API the outgoing REST web services implemented in the Java programming language. The analytical part analyzes the most used web services and also compares possible approaches to code analysis together with available librar...

Hodan, Ondřej
Charakterizace vlastností magnetronově naprašovaných vrstev na bázi kovových skel

This bachelor thesis is focused on examination of mechanical properties gained by nanoindentation analytical methods of metallic glass thin films prepared by magnetron sputtering. Four Zr-Cu-N based samples were prepared with various Cu-N content. Their composition and structure was determined by...