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Recent Submissions

Kašák, Jan
Automatické vytvoření 3D postavy na základě jedné fotografie

This master thesis deals with automatic creation of 3D human models based on a single photography. The main object is to compare several available methods, choose one of them and test it. 3D models are created based on photographs with persons with different kinds of...

Hoang ngoc, Hung
Detekce problémů se správou paměti v Java aplikacích

Java is an object-oriented programming language that is popular due to its garbage collection and platform independency. Object-oriented programming, as a culture, encourages programmers to only pay attention to model. This trend can lead to memory bloat. Some cases, which can lead to&#...

Váně, Ondřej
Analýza přítomnosti anti-vzorů v datech nástrojů pro řízení projektů

The goal of this thesis is to analyze and automatically detect anti-patterns in the data of project management tools using SPADe tools. The SPADe tool is used to collect data from ALM tools and search for bad practices (anti-patterns) in project data. In order to develop&...

Mištera, Adam
Mezi-jazyčné transformace sémantických prostorů

Cross-lingual meaning representation is a current topic in the field of Natural Language Processing. Semantic spaces of various languages are transformed into a shared universal space. It allows to transfer knowledge between languages, especially between resource-rich and resource-poor languages. This...

Poubová, Jitka
Generování akceptačních testů

This thesis is focused on experimenting with automatized generation of acceptance tests. As System Under Test (SUT) is used Testbed University Information System (TbUIS) project which has been made especially for the purpose of development and verification of new testing methods...