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Zikmund, Tomáš
Robotický barman

This bachelor's thesis, entitled Robotic bartender, deals with a creation of a robotic device which aim is to reliably prepare and dispense mixed alcoholic beverages. At the beginning it was necessary to explore a wide range of implementation issues of such device and based...

Hrubý, Jaroslav
Vizualizace rozsáhlých grafů

The goal of this thesis is the extension of IMiGEr tool - Interactive Multimodal Graph Explorer to the problematic of the mutual compatibility of the application components and libraries. In theoretical part all related topics are discussed and the design of this extension is ...

Ott, Tomáš
Detekce vybraných aktivit diabetického pacienta z běžně dostupných dat

This bachelor thesis is mainly focused on data collection of the patient with diabetes mellitus disease and detection of possible activities from it. This collection is limited only to data from commonly available devices. To which we can classify devices like fitness bands or ...

Horáček, Valentin
Monitoring funkcionality webových aplikací

The bachelor thesis focuses on the issue of monitoring of web applications with user defined functions. The main goal is to design and implement a web interface for uploading and periodically executing of monitoring scripts based on user requirements. In addition to th...

Lešek, Jan
Vizualizace výpočetní kapacity pro maloobchodní business procesy

The bachelor thesis is focused on designing and developing a new tool named Cloud sizing tool for company Eurosoftware s.r.o.. The tool is going to substitute current time~consuming variant~creation, thus making the whole process more efficient. The tool is intended for company's co...

Šilhavý, Karel
Konfigurovatelné získávání grafových dat z otevřených zdrojů

Within this bachelor thesis was created a tool that allows configurable obtaining graph data from open sources of the information. The tool is design to work specifically with the semi-structured tables on Wikipedia called infoboxes. It links the data in the desired way based ...

Zahradník, Lukáš
Robot pro sledování čáry pro Android

The purpose of this thesis is to test the abilities of Android smartphones as a central control unit for automatic vehicles and creation of API, with which we could easily implement custom application suitable for this task. Easiest way to control path of automatic movin...

Werner, Václav
Webový nástroj pro vizualizaci toku v síti

This bachelor thesis is concentrated on the design and implementation of a web application, which would allow its users to visualize graph data. In addition to visualization, the application also enables the user to calculate node significance using user supplied libraries and to t...

Tothová, Tereza
Využití VR pro trénink personálu jaderné elektrárny

The aim of this thesis is to create a VR application intended for use in nuclear engineering. It should make training of nuclear power plant personnel easier and more effective and focus on workers exposed to ionizing radiation. This work delves into research on VR ...

Engl, Karel
Šablony zdrojového kódu

This thesis is focused on generating code from templates (scaffolding). Several scaffolding tools were analyzed and from this analysis and from company recommendation Yeoman was chosen. After validations of tool posibilites and comparation with company needs, suitable areas for code&...

Mikešová, Adéla
Analýza existujících mobilních průvodců po muzeích a památkách

This thesis deals with analyzing existing mobile sightseeing guides and designing mobile application focused on community translation within a generic mobile guide. The theoretical part is focused on existing interactive technologies for the development of mobile applications and the parameters o...

Lácha, Martin
Herní frameworky na platformě Android

This work aims to compare the properties of selected game frameworks and use one of them to implement a game for mobile phones with the Android operating system. The resulting application will take advantage of the selected framework. The theoretical part will focus on the...

Bartička, Vojtěch
Automatické stahování smluvních podmínek z webových stránek

The thesis deals with the automatic scraping of terms and conditions and privacy protection information from web pages. It's a part of a larger project which focuses on the analysis of such pages and requires a dataset to train the system on. The goal is to creat...

Dub, Martin
Aplikace pro studijní agendu základní školy s webovou službou

This bachelor thesis deals with design and implementation of application for study agenda of elementary school. The interface of the application is provided using web services. The main purpose of the application is to be part of a benchmark for software testing tools....

Kaiser, František
Návrh informačního systému Coach's Assistant

A huge part of being a sports coach is not only the coaching itself but also the amount of administrative work involved, which can take a considerable amount of time when organized poorly. The aim of this thesis is to design a system that will support the admini...

Zeman, Matěj
Automatické rozpoznávání dialogových aktů v tištěných textech

The work deals with the design and implementation of a prototype system for converting input data into scanned texts. It also deals with the recognition of text from the resulting images and the subsequent recognition of dialogue acts from these texts.

Černogurský, Jan
Analýza historických katastrálních map

The bachelor thesis focuses on the issue of image processing using neural networks. The aims of the work are to get acquainted with the available libraries for the implementation of neural networks, and with the supplied historical follows an analysis of the maps and understan...

Vlček, Lukáš
Rozpoznávání textu v komixech

This thesis deals with the creation of a program that allows the automatic creation of a dataset containing baloon texts (comic speech bubbles) with recognized text. The comics pages will be first segmented using computer vision methods complemented by filtering of the segmented re...

Váchal, Vojtěch
Realizace parametrizovaných úloh pro rozvoj jemné motoriky

The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to develop four parameterized games that will help patients with cognitive disability develop their fine motor skills. The theoretical part focuses on becoming acquainted with the BrainIn system. Following that, the concepts of brain ...

Wébr, Daniel
Hudební přehrávač s tvorbou psychoaktivní složky

This bachelor's thesis deals with the creation of a web application offering music playback together with a psychoactive component, which is exclusively represented by binaural beats. The aim of this music player is to combine music and binaural beats without compromising the musica...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 497