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Moučka, Lukáš
Porovnání knihoven pro tvorbu uživatelských rozhraní

The bachelor's thesis deals with issues of user interfaces (UI) and usability (UX). The theoretical part of the thesis is based on user interfaces analysis and UI types analysis. The usability is processed in the same way. This chapter describes other aspects of UX (psycho...

Janečková, Martina
Tester vybíjecích charakteristik primárních článků

The text focuses on problematics of primary cells capacity and their discharge characteristics. In the first part is introduction to the topic of galvanic cells and theirs individual types. Main topic of the text is desription of hardware and software design for the primary ce...

Hlaváč, Jakub
Informační systém pro Student Support Centre

This bachelor's thesis is about the creation of an information system with web interface for easier administration and service of the Student Support Centre project. The aim of the project is to create a functional and suitable system that will serve as a powerfull tool&#x...

Osovschi, Irina
Strojové učení v cloudovém prostředí Azure

The purpose of this bachelor's thesis is to get familiar with a relatively new field of the modern world, machine learning. The thesis is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part, both the main machine learning approaches and ...

Vacek, Milan
Rozpoznávání pojmenovaných entit v historických textových dokumentech

The aim of the thesis was to study provided data sets and relevant methods of named entity recognition based on neural networks. Thanks to gathered information there were chosen two most suitable methods for named entity recognition. These methods were convolutional BLSTM network&...

Rach, Jan
Subjektivní měření kvality trojúhelníkových sítí ve virtuální realitě

The goal of this thesis is to develop a program for subjective quality testing of triangle meshes in virtual reality with the possibility of interactions with the tested objects.

Kotous, Tomáš
Použití nástroje pro plánování a řízení testů v projektu TbUIS

The aim of this bachelor's thesis was find the most suitable software from the category of test management systems, which can be used both in teaching and in research of new testing methods. At the same time a set of support programs was created that communicate ...

Habžanský, Pavel
Mobilní aplikace pro návštěvníky a obyvatele obcí ČR pro platformu Android

The goal of this thesis if analysis of needs and requirements of citizens and visitors to Czech towns and cities and delivering relevant information to them. The application is developed for Android platform, the thesis describes basics of Android development. During implementation we&#...

Kohoutek, Milan
Mobilní cestovní deník

The aim of this thesis is to create a mobile travel journal for the iOS platform. The main motivation is to force users to visit important historical monuments in the Czech Republic. Users will be able to easily monitor their progress in the number of visited monumen...

Forejt, Martin
Externí display pro embedded zařízení

This bachelor thesis describes the creation and usage of a mobile application for the Android operating system, which allows connection to embedded devices and systems (using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy), their control and display of received data, using HTML pages display...

Květoň, Tomáš
Monitorování firemní sítě

The goal of this bachelor thesis is to create a network monitoring tool, which will graphically represent the gathered data in a suitable way and will be easily expandable with further routines.

Folejtar, Martin
Realizace jednoduché BCI hry pro trénink hokejistů s podporou akcelerometru

This bachelor thesis focuses on the use of computing systems in order to improve sport-related skills that involve a hockey stick that will take effect on sports such as floorball, hockey, or hockeyball. The thesis is composed of three parts. The first part regards theoretical...

Bárta, David
Zátěžové testy webové aplikace

The aim of this thesis is to perform load tests in an already existing web aplication that would prove that the application can withstand a larger amount of data and can work without failure under this load for a longer period of time. An already existing external&#x...

Frank, Jakub
Sběr 3D dat pro rehabilitační software ve virtuální realitě

This bachelor thesis is focused on data acquisition and data analysis for rehabilitation software used by patients with multiple sclerosis. Intent of the software is to increase the availability of therapy for patients with this disease. This thesis aims to be able to record m...

Anděl, Ondřej
Vizualizace dat z nástroje ElasticSearch

ElasticSearch is a full-text search engine, but as a app itself, it lacks the means to visualize data in a comprehensible format. The goal of this study is to research and describe other software which enables visualization of the data stored in ElasticSearch. It was esta...

Drtina, Ondřej
Správa kryptoměn a akcií v mobilní aplikaci

This bachelor´s thesis deals with creation of mobile application, which will be capable of managing cryptocurrencies and stocks. The goal of this work was creation of product which would offer functionality for managing mentioned investment opportunities in one single application. At the...

Průcha, Pavel
Workflow pro BCI experiment

Brain-computer interface (BCI) can significantly help people with not only movement problems. BCI works with electroencephalographic data (EEG). This work simplifies the work with the processing of this data. The aim of the bachelor thesis is to find suitable tools for creating a w...

Bouše, Martin
Test analýza s ohledem na vhodnost automatických testů

Test analysis with regard to the suitability of automatic tests aims for cre-ation of automated tests based on already existing manual tests. Criteria ofwhether or not a creation of automated test will have any positive impact aresuggested first. Then a selection of tests is a...

Mikeš, Jakub
Desktopová aplikace pro generování školního rozvrhu malé školy

The aim of this bachelor thesis was to create desktop application for generating school timetable of small school using external files as inputs and outputs. In theoretical part, we focus on methods that can address this issue. In practical part, the design of generation algor...

Dubina, Tomáš
Využití neuronových sítí v BCI systémech založených na evokovaných potenciálech SSVEP

The work evaluates neural networks in BCI systems based on steady-state visually evoked potentials (SSVEP). We discuss the design of a simple BCI system based on the SSVEP and then implement a part of the classification system. Classification is based on the neural network&#x...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 458