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Recent Submissions

Kuhajda, Lukáš
Analýza a testování systémů lidarové simultánní lokalizace a mapování

The thesis deals with the problem of Simultaneous Localization and Mapping. It describes the basic three approaches of a possible solution. Furthermore, it deals with the analysis of specific systems solving this problem using data from the laser rangefinder (LiDAR). The systems are...

Švec, Josef
Návrh řídicího systému kolového robota s využitím softwarového rámce ROS

This thesis deals with design of wheeled robot control system using ROS framework. The robot is able to reach the specified location on the map, which the robot creates while moving. In the thesis there is a complete description of the used robotic platform, the control&#...

Polák, Filip
Heuristické metody pro optimalizaci kinematiky robotů

The bachelor paper deals with the usage of heuristic methods for robot kinematics optimization. For a particular robot a optimization problem is defined with a certain criteria of optimality - in this case the minimalization of force/moment of force of actuators. Then a direct...

Kratochvíl, Jakub
Vlastnosti systémů pro přímou vizuální simultání lokalizaci a mapování

This thesis deals with the formulation of Simultaneous localization and mapping problem, in particular it focuses on monocular direct methods solving this problem. It describes the basics from probability definition through graph SLAM to visual SLAM. The paper contains description of the...

Kolár, Tomáš
Kvadroptéra s inverzním kyvadlem

This thesis deals with principle of control, which can be used to achieve the stability of the spherical inverted pendulum on the quadrotor. The system is divided into two subsystems where each of the systems is designed separately. Based on mathematical models, appropriate managem...