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Recent Submissions

Sefzigová, Barbora
Pohyb krajinou

The topic of the thesis is a set of six middle-sized black-and-white drawings, in one case it is a large-format drawing. The paintings are drawn exclusively by natural materials. Black acrylic paint was used in different tones. The aim of the thesis is to create drawings&...

Vlnová, Barbora
KreKra výtvarná kreativní krabice mezioborových nápadů

In the theoretical part, the student will clarify the notions of interdisciplinary relations in art education, cross-curricular themes and interdisciplinary relationships in RVP ZV, contemporary possibilities and potential of art education, and will also focus on didactic play as an educational&#...

Šindelářová, Naděžda
"Můj Bečov"- cyklus fotografií

This thesis deals with taking documentary photos using the means of reportage, and capturing the local landscape, architecture and some known as well as unknown secluded places of the town of Bečov nad Teplou. The theoretical part focuses on the development of Czech documenta...

Kacovská, Andrea
Stanovení vybraných těžkých kovů elektrochemickými metodami

The bachelor thesis deals with basic electrochemical methods, their principles, features and application. In the theoretical part, the thesis focuses in more detail on the method of polarography. The practical part verifies the theoretical knowledge by identifying selected heavy metals by me...

Mrázová, Marie
Jaderné reakce a využití jaderné energie

This bachelor thesis deals with the use of the nuclear energy. There is a description of the structure of the atom, specifically of its nucleus.In the next section is described radioactivity, where each of the radiation types is described in detail. A large part of this&#...