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Vaníčková, Eliška
Výuka anglického jazyka na demokratických školách

The thesis deals with the topic of English language teaching and learning at democratic schools. The main purpose is to examine ways in which English is learnt and taught at democratic schools in their special learning environment different from traditional schooling. In the theore...

Křížová, Lucie
Přínos různých typů vizuálních materiálů v hodinách anglického jazyka na 2. stupni ZŠ

The thesis is concerned with pictorial materials appearing in English language textbooks for teenagers. In particular, attention is devoted to the exploration of teenage learners' opinions regarding the visual aspect of language textbooks. Theoretical background covers information about previous r...

Dlesková, Jana
Tvorba "ESP" aktivit pro studenty středních škol

This diploma thesis deals with designing ESP activities for secondary school students. The theoretical part explains the term English for Specific Purposes, presents its origin, history and future direction. Further, it analyzes the theory of designing vocabulary and grammar activities in ES...

Pochmanová, Tina
Legenda o Ospalé díře a její adaptace jako kulturní fenomén

This thesis deals with the piece of literature "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" and its adaptations. The main target of the thesis is to determine the connection of this story with Halloween and Revolutionary War a to present it to the students of ZČU.

Súkeníková, Markéta
Podporování kritického myšlení ve výuce anglického jazyka

The purpose of this thesis was to analyse whether teaching aids actually provide teachers with the opportunity of fostering critical thinking and reading. In other words, the main aim of the research was to analyse reading tasks in English textbooks with respect to whether the...