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Recent Submissions

Dudek, Martin
Euklidovské obory integrity

This master's thesis focuses on the investigation of domains of integrity and their divisibility with an emphasis on the significance of Euclid's algorithm in finding the greatest common divisor. The thesis provides a detailed explanation of fundamental concepts, performs an analysis ...

Marešová, Eva
Vybrané zajímavé matematické a logické problémy

The bachelor thesis deals with selected interesting mathematical and logical problems. It describes their historical origin and course. It represents the assignment of each task and its variants. After the assignment, the solution to the problem is always discussed in detail. The ...

Soulková, Adéla
Řešené příklady algebraických struktur s jednou a se dvěma binárními operacemi

Bachelor thesis is about algebraic structure with one or with two binary operations. My bachelor thesis will help other future students of elementary algebra. In work are introduced algebraic structures and their properties. The parts of my work are sample examples with a solution&...

Bloch, Jiří
James Joseph Sylvester a jeho přínos elementární algebře

This bachelor's thesis deals with the life and work of the famous English mathematician of the 19th century, James Joseph Sylvester. The bachelor thesis is divided into four chapters. In the first chapter I wrote down the whole life of Sylvester. In the second chapter,...

Franková, Aneta
Vybrané možnosti užití matic

This bachelor's thesis is focused on matrices and their use. The work is divided into individual chapters according to the content. In the first part of the work, the basic terms and definitions associated with matrix theory are presented. The following chapters are then d...