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Recent Submissions

Koubová, Monika
Využití vlny v mateřské škole pro rozvoj a zjišťování úrovní jemné motoriky u dětí

The bachelor's thesis deals with testing fine motor skills of preschool children using wool. The first chapter contains a theoretical introduction to the history, characteristics, species, properties, processing and use of sheep wool. There is also information about the use of wool ...

Vácová, Ingrid
Enabling the Future - alternativní pohled na projektovou výuku s podporou 3D tisku

Device completed as part of this thesis is a result of participation in an international project "Enabling the future", which connects people who have access to 3D printer and people who are in need of an upper limb prosthesis. Our goal is to raise awareness of&...

Rada, Josef
Užití metody Monte Carlo

The core of this bachelor's thesis is Monte Carlo method, its use and at the same time contains the characteristics of this method. It includes a more detailed description of the calculation of Ludolf's number, one-dimensional integral and multidimensional inte-grals. From the&...

Lukšíková, Marcela
Pohled do historie časopisů zabývajících se popularizací a neformálním přístupem k technickým oborům

A brief analysis and comparison of selected technical journals was carried out. Based on a detailed examination of the content of historical and contemporary journals, a mutual comparison of their work was performed. At present, technical education is being developed, promoted and popul...

Dvořák, Matěj
Hluk a jeho aplikace ve školské fyzice

In my work I´m dealing with noise in school physics, thus in elementary school and in high school. My work I split to two parts theoretical and practical. In theoretical part I have basics about noise, basic quantities, ear anatomy and experiments, that are performer in&#...