Centrum biologie, geověd a envigogiky / Centre of Biology, Geosciences and Environmental Education


Recent Submissions

Matoušek, Martin
Návrh, realizace a evaluace terénní výuky geografie v Ostrově (nad Ohří) a jeho okolí

The thesis is devoted to the proposal and realisation of fieldwork in Ostrov and its surrounding. Before the thesis was completed, it was necessary to study the literature, to plan carefully the outdoor lessons and to set them into the lectured concept called "the local&#...

Klimešová, Lenka
Diverzita a rozšíření potočnic na raku říčním v kraji Vysočina

In the research of this work of this diploma thesis, the species diversity and distribution of branchiobdellidans of the order Branchiobdellida on noble crayfish in the Vysočina Region was determined. The partial goals were to determine the number of branchiobdellidans on one crayfish,&...

Slabý, Petr
Fylogeneze člověka jako téma projektové výuky na SŠ

This diploma thesis is focused on human phylogeny as a topic of the project-based learning at high schools. You will learn how project-based learning is used in teaching human phylogeny. The theoretical part has two chapters, where you can find basic information about human ph...

Hejnová, Kateřina
Rozeznatelnost antigenních epitopů při analýze proteinů na středověké keramice

ELISA was discovered 50 years ago. Its advantages include reliability and speed, it can detect antigen or antibody in a very low concentration. Disadvantages can include equipment and time consuming. The work supports the idea that the most reliable for the analysis of food fr...

Klaisnerová, Marie-Dorothea
Screening lidských komensálních a patogenních bakterií na bývalých pohřebištích

The work is focused on the research of human pathogenic and commensal bacteria from skeletal graves in historical burial sites from the modern period from two locations in the Czech Republic. An overview of pathogenic and commensal bacteria of the human microbiome and pathogenic&#x...