Centrum biologie, geověd a envigogiky / Centre of Biology, Geosciences and Environmental Education


Recent Submissions

Kreisslová, Alžběta
Mapové dovednosti studentů na VŠ

This bachelor thesis focuses on comparing students of geography at the university and their succes rate in map skills, particularly in the interpretation of topography. The aim of this work is to identify the most common misconceptions among students when reading, analyzing, interpretin...

Poncová, Tereza
Návrh a ověření výukového materiálu pro výuku geografie místního regionu Sokolovsko

This bachelor's thesis deals with the design and verification of teaching material intended for the geography of the local region for pupils of the 2nd grade of primary schools. The teaching material deals with the topic of brown coal surface mining in the region Sokolovsk...

Kutková, Kristýna
Choroby obilovin

This bachelor's thesis deals with cereal diseases occurring in the Pilsen Region. Areas within 35 km from the city of Pilsen were selected for research. The sample collection was carried out in May and June 2022. At the beginning of the thesis, I focus on the cha...

Sazimová, Klára
Dopady stravování na životní prostředí

This thesis deals with diet-related environmental impact. The theoretical part of this thesis works with the basic terminology related to the topic and it also offers ways to mitigate said impact. The practical part of this thesis analyzes the data collected via a questionnaire.

Jeřábková, Lucie
Sukcese na Smolnické výsypce

The thesis focuses on the succession on the Smolnice spoil heap, which is a result of intensive lignite mining in the Sokolov region. It presents succession models, its types and methods of its study. The impact of mining on the landscape of the region is also discus...