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Recent Submissions

Štěchová, Michaela
Ohlédnutí za ochotnickým divadlem v obci Budětice na Sušicku

This thesis is focused on the history of the amateur theater in Budětice since 1918 to 1962. The thesis presents the origin of the amateur theater, the complete repertoire and describes the activity of the theater club. It contains the list of all premieres&...

Lomnická, Nikola
Josef Kainar - od Nových mýtů k Veliké lásce

The topic of this bachelor thesis is the work of Josef Kainar and two of his collections of poems, New myths and the Great Love. The goal of this thesis is to look at the these two collections, analyze them and to put them in the context of the culture...

Doubková, Tereza
Divadlo Na zábradlí a divadlo Semafor v 60. letech

Small theaters as a product of the social atmosphere in Czechoslovakia in the 1960s played not only an artistic role. The work follows the story of small scenes from cabaret beginnings in the 19th century through theater activities of the 20th and 30s of the twentieth...

Staňková, Ludmila
Ochotnické divadlo v Nýrsku

The bachelor thesis deals with the activities of the drama clubs TJ Sokol and J.K.Tyl, in the period from 1946 to 1964 in Nýrsko. It focuses on the establishment, the history and the repertoire of the drama clubs mentioned above and introduces their significant personalities,&...

Tonhauzerová, Dagmar
Historie divadelního souboru v Sokolově v období od 20. let 20. století do konce 2. světové války

This bachelor thesis deals with the presentation of the history of the theater ensemble in Sokolov from 1920 to 1945. This thesis is focused on the story of the theatre in Sokolov in the chosen period and the personalities associated with this region and interval of ...