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Recent Submissions

Chroustová, Karolína
Možnosti rozvíjení tvořivosti v MŠ

My work is divided into two parts. The theoretical part is divided into five chapters. In the first chapter, I outlined the basic terminology that is important for understanding the basic concept of creativity, and I also cover it in the next eight sub-chapters. The secon...

Vránová, Eva
Plzeňská krajina

The aim of my diploma thesis is to create a series of six large-format graphic sheets inspired by the Pilsen landscape using classical graphic techniques. The graphic is printed in multi-color with an emphasis on contrast. Part of the work is the design part, which is...

Poláková, Magdaléna
Svět naruby - autorský animovaný film

This thesis deals with the issue of animation and consists of three parts, theoretical, practical and didactic. The purpose of the work is to connect these three levels, so that the work as a whole is comprehensive in terms of factuality, practicality and didactic transformati...

Pitulová, Barbora
Proces utváření kritického diváka ve výtvarném vzdělávání na střední škole

This thesis explores The process of cultivating a critical viewer within the context of visual arts education at the secondary school level, focusing on the phenomenon of interpretation in relation to hung painting. The theoretical part focuses on describing the interpretation of a ...

Říhová, Kristýna
Pestrobarevný příběh koláže

The topic of this thesis is the development of collage and its changes and overlaps to non-traditional art techniques. The theoretical part deals with collage and its possibilities of representation. It presents it in terms of individual techniques and principles. Collage is described&#...