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Recent Submissions

Knorrová, Edita
Zprostředkování umění dětem v mateřské škole

The undergraduate thesis discusses the use of art works with pre-school children in kindergartens. The theoretical part outlines key topics and terms in art studies, children's perception and appreciation of art, and arteducation in galleries. The practical part presents an art project&#...

Skálová, Magdalena
Motivace výtvarných činností předškoláků

This bachelor thesis is a a qualitative research probe into pedagogical practice. It deals with the appropriate motivation of art activities of preschool children. This work is theoretical and practical. In the theoretical parts, based on the study of professional resources, the possibi...

Vránová, Eva
Ilustrace inspirované poezií

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to create a series of six illustrations inspired by verses from the collection of poems Leaves of Grass. It depicts landscape motifs using the technique of multicolored linocut with an effect on contrast and composition. The result of th...

Václavovicová, Stanislava
Využití současné literatury pro děti ve výtvarných činnostech v mateřské škole

The bachelor thesis deals with the use of literary texts in art education for preschool children. The theoretical part deals with the current concept of art education and its goals. Furthermore, the possibilities of usin children´s art activity are presented. The practical p...

Tolarová, Alena
Spolupráce při výtvarných činnostech v mateřské škole

This bachelor thesis deals with the mapping of cooperation in art activities in kindergartens. The theoretical part of the thesis clarifies the concepts related to art education, cooperative teaching and the principles of participation in contemporary art. The mentioned terms serve as a...