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Recent Submissions

Volrábová, Nikola
Sociální třídy v dnešní Velké Británii

This undergraduate thesis deals with social classes in contemporary Britain. In the theoretical background, the historical development of classes is described with a special emphasis on the social changes caused by Thatcherism. The working class especially suffered major changes during that ...

Císlerová, Petra
Přenášení významu ve vybraných anglických textech

The work deals with mechanisms which allow the transfer of meaning. The first part is theoretic, there are following expressions explained: metaphor, metonymy, simile, personification, euphemism, oxymorone, hyperbole,synecdoche, idiom. In the second part there are more than 160 examples of figura...

Pospíšilová, Hana
Homofony, oronyma a mondegreeny

This thesis deals with the phenomenon of misheard lyrics called mondegreens. The thesis is divided into six main chapters. The first and the second chapter define the linguistic categories into which mondegreens belong. The following chapter describes mondegreens and similar phenomena. The&#...

Holíková, Lucie
Idiomy z hlediska formálního a sémantického

This undergraduate thesis deals with English idioms from the semantic and formal point of view. The thesis is divided into two chapters - theoretical background and practical analysis. Theoretical background provides basic characteristics and definitions of idioms and the theory behind ...

Kubátová, Barbora
Vliv digitálních technologií na jazyk elektronické komunikace

This thesis focuses on the language of electronic communication and its development. The aim was to explore the usage of various means of and methods of electronic language, specifically the usage of acronyms, initialisms, word reduction and letter/number homophones. These means are...