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Recent Submissions

Fojta, Dominik
Anglický předminulý čas a jeho české ekvivalenty

This undergraduate thesis focuses on the English past perfect, specifically, its forms, areas of use and its Czech equivalents. The main objective of this undergraduate thesis is to provide the reader with information about verbal tense and aspect of both the English and the C...

Karpíšek, Vratislav
Vztahy irského a anglického jazyka v Irsku v období let 1890 - 1930

Irish and English in Ireland have coexisted in Ireland for centuries and the aim of this thesis is to show the historical development of their relations, the status they enjoyed and their role in forming Irish identity. The period between the years 1890 and 1930 will ...

Živčák, Matěj
Anglická identita ve fotbale

This thesis deals with several issues that are connected to football in England. The thesis is divided in five chapters. In the first three chapters the reader is introduced to basic theory and important background information that is connected to the issues. The last two ...

Petrová, Zuzana
Anglicky mluvící rodilí mluvčí ve městě Plzeň

The thesis English Native Teachers in Plzeň deals not only with the under-researched topic of native speakers of English who teach in Czech education institutions, but also with the history of the English language in the Czech Republic and its position in the Czech education&#...

Klimendová, Gabriela
Varianty angličtiny českých studentů

The aim of the thesis is to discover which variant of English do Czech students from Západočeská univerzita in Pilsen prefer and use. Because all the respondents study English in education, one of the objectives was to find out which variety of English should be instructe...