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Recent Submissions

Starý, Jaromír
Mezi světem minulosti a zemí budoucnosti - poslední díla Štefana Zweiga

In this thesis three late literary works of Stefan Zweig are analyzed: The World of Yesterday, Chess Story and Brazil Land of the Future. These books are compared from various points of view. This thesis shows that Zweig in these books, the two utopian ones and also&...

Edelová, Veronika
Odposlouchávací stanice Bundeswehru u československých hranic se zaměřením na stanici Hohen Bogen v období studené války

During the Cold War, the Western and Eastern bloc were eavesdropping on each other. For the German Bundeswehr also worked the station Hohen Bogen, receivers of which reached far into the former Czechoslovakia and into the communication channels of the Czechoslovak People's Army....

Jadlovská, Michaela
Vnímání České republiky v rakouském tisku

This Bachelor thesis deals with perception of The Czech Republic in the Austrian press since 2007 to the present. The theoretical part is about today´s Austria-Czech relations and the explanation of the media, print specifications and text types in the press. The practical part...

Poklopová, Zuzana
Vizualizace gramatiky ve výuce

This bachelor thesis deals with the pictures, which represent some grammatical phenomenon. This work is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part explains the advantages of visualization for teaching and learning, how it could be helpful during the&#x...

Kalis, Arabella
Jména osob v německých pohádkách a jejich české ekvivalenty

This undergraduate thesis examines the translation of proper names, especially the speaking names found in the Grimm's Fairy Tales. It deals not only with the distinction between proper and common Names but also with the way of their translation. The main purpose of this t...