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Recent Submissions

Fenclová, Jana
Linhartovi - lékařský rod z Hradce

The bachelor thesis deals with the history of the Linhart family from Hradec u Stodu in the Pilsen region. It focuses in particular on the most important person of the family, the physician Wilhelm Linhart. The family, in which the profession of healer and then doctor...

Kempfová, Monika
Obraz Rakouska a Dagestánu v románu Julye Rabinowich "Die Erdfresserin"

This bachelor thesis discusses the image of Austria and Dagestan in the novel "Die Erdfresserin" by Julya Rabinowich. In the theoretical part, intercultural literature, comparative studies, biography and work of July Rabinowich are described. The practical part is devoted to the no...

Majerová, Hedvika
Vztah mezi literárním dílem a hudbou v období romantismu

The bachelor thesis focuses on the Romantic period. In the theoretical part, the development of literature and music is presented, whereby some composers of this epoch are named. In the practical part, the musical development of the Romantic period is illustrated by means of c...

Štochlová, Eliška
Použití zkratkových slov v časopisech pro mládež

The thesis deals with the description of the types of acronym words and their mechanisms in the language of youth. The author first characterizes acronym words, compares their various classifications, then characterizes the language of youth and bravo magazine, in whose texts the u...

Kouble, Petr
Sebeurčení a cizí zavinění v měšťanských dramatech

In this diploma thesis, the topics of someone else's guilt and self-determination are discussed. Based on the interpretations of the three bourgeois tragedies, it will be decided in what ways the bourgeoisie and nobility participate in the fates of the main characters. Theoretically...