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Recent Submissions

Hajžmanová, Gabriela
Využití facebooku a twitteru ve výuce německého jazyka a jeho možné dopady

This diploma thesis deals with the possibilities of using facebook and twitter in teaching German as a foreign language and its possible impacts. Modern technology and social networks (facebook and twitter including) are a solid part of most young people's lives. They&#...

Barborková, Lenka
Žatecké historické průmyslové objekty v povědomí současného obyvatelstva

The diploma thesis was prepared at the Department of German language at the Faculty of Education University of West Bohemia in Pilsen in 2019/2020. The work is focused to describe history conditions of industrial buildings, built in Saaz until 1945. Each building ...

Vorlová, Anna
Kapitoly z dějin zaniklé obce Pleš

The work presents the historical development of the now extinct village of Pleš and the adjacent villages of Václav and Rabov, which were located in west Bohemia. The work includes the entire history of the village from its beginnings to its demise caused by the expulsion...

Plecitá, Veronika
Výuka a postavení češtiny v Rakousku

This undergraduate thesis aims to describe the teaching and the position of the Czech language in Austria. The work is divided into two main parts, the theoretical and practical part. In the theoretical part is focused on the status of the Czech language from the first&#x...

Vávrová, Veronika
Konkurence opisného tvaru würde + infinitiv a konjunktivu préterita

The topic of this bachelor thesis is the Competition of descriptive form of "würde" plus infinitive and of the "konjunktivum préterita". The aim of this theses was to perform a quantitative analysis of certain groups of verbs and to find out which form is d...