Katedra ruského a francouzského jazyka / Department of Russian and French Language


Recent Submissions

Szarowski, Martin
Obraz Ruska ve vybraném českém časopise za rok 2017

The thesis deals with the theory of imagology and media imagology. The thesis tries to apply the theory to the secondary school environment so that it corresponds to the output of students in the field of Media Education within the Framework Education Program for High Sch...

Boltíková, Inna
Učebnice Raduga a Raduga po-novomu jako příklad vývoje lingvodidaktických přístupů

The diploma thesis focuses on the development of the concept of curriculum from the first edition of Raduga 1 through Raduga po-novom to Raduga plus in the context of the development of linguistic-didactic methods and approachces. The development of methodology for teaching Russia...

Kokošková, Klára
Dmitrij Prigov (život, dílo, didaktické využití materiálu)

The graduate thesis introduces biography and art and literary career of Dmitri Prigov. Some of his poetry works are analyzed and interpretated. Worksheets to demonstrate possible ways to use poetry in Russian language lessons were designed.

Soukupová, Sabina
Eduard Uspenskij - Tři z Prostokvašina (tištěná tvorba a animovaná tvorba)

In my bachelor thesis I dealt with the definition of fairy tale and also its importance for man. In the first part of my thesis I also studied life of Eduard Uspensky. In the second part, I focused on his pivotal fairy tale - Three from Prostokvashino. I wa...

Losieva, Anastasiia
České stopy v Rusku

This bachelor work is dedicated to studying of the Czech footprints in Russia. It also considers the Czech influence on Russian history and describes modern Czech-Russian relations. It was possible for me to compile this list by studying specialized and historical literature that f...