Katedra ruského a francouzského jazyka / Department of Russian and French Language


Recent Submissions

Shashkov, Artur
Překlad úryvků románu "Probudím se na Šibuji" Anny Cimi

Characteristics of Anna Cimi's novel "I wake up on the Shibuya". Theoretical bases of translation and types of translation. Translation of selected passages of the novel with commentary.

Barbořáková, Valentýna
Mezinárodní den žen v Rusku

The bachelor thesis deals with the International Women's Day. It is divided into three chapters. I deal with the history and present of the International Day in the World and in Russia, part of the work is a practical part, a questionnaire survey. The aim ...

Proskuriakova, Nadezhda
Slovníky ruského jazyka

The aim of the work is to describe the dictionaries of the Russian language in synchrony and diachrony. The work consists of an introduction, five chapters, a conclusion, an abstract in english, a list of the literature used and an annex. The theoretical part describes th...

Dadaeva, Markha
Vývojové tendence jazykových norem v současné ruštině

The main goal of this bachelor thesis is to identify trends in the development of standards of the contemporary Russian language. The first chapter is based on literary sources and its aim is to describe how language norms are formed and what currently cause...

Moudrý, Petr
Krasobruslení v Rusku (minulost a současnost)

This presented Bachelor Thesis focuses on figure-skating in Russia and the past and the present of this sport. The main objective of this thesis was to clarify the development of figure-skating in Russia and introduce the readers with Soviet and Russian figure-skaters and trainers....