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Recent Submissions

Machačová, Veronika
Historie fotografie a fotografických metod do roku 1950 a ukázky některých používaných postupů

My bachelor thesis deals with a historical progress of photos from the very first histo-rical materials leashed with the principle of pictures itself, till its boom in 50?s of the last century. The first part of my bachelor thesis is describing the historical progress from...

Andrlová, Andrea
Prezentace akustiky ve výuce fyziky na základní škole

The thesis deals with the use of PowerPoint in the teaching of Physics in 8. class or trcii a multiannual high school 9Nakladatelství and textovuo part of Fraus 20060 created in Microsoft Word. Testová section provides an in-depth explanation of the created presentations.

Zbránková, Pavlína
Experimenty s magnety: pro první stupeň základních škol

The theoretical part of this work introduces magnets, magnetic fields, Earth?s geomagnetic field and magnetic materials. It also contains methods concerning teaching magnetism during the first five grades of schooling, motivating children to learn, expanding the key knowledge using experiments wi...

Prušák, Jiří
Srovnání vybraných dějů v reálném plynu - modely, animace

This dissertation attends to research of chosen processes in the real gases. It deals with the description of the state behaviour of the chosen real gases using chosen state equations. The object of my dissertation is to compare this state equations and designate the areas...