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Recent Submissions

Kule, Václav
Prevence a terapie při poranění kolenního kloubu ve fotbale

This bachelor thesis is about problematices with knee injuries in football. Theoretical part contains basics of anatomy and biomechanics of all structures which belongs to the knee joint area and discusses the most common types od injuries, especially soft structures of the knee jo...

Munzlingerová, Tereza
Vliv přímého primingu v silovém cvičení

This bachelor's thesis processes "The effect of direct priming on strength excercise". The work is divided to a theoretical and a methodical part. The theoretical part consists of chapters which contain topics like emotions, motivation, priming, communication and strength skills. Th...

Kalaš, David
Barbora Strýcová, biografie významné sportovní osobnosti, analýza sportovního tréninku

The aim of my bachelor's thesis was to approach the entire sports career of Barbora Strýcová from childhood to the present. This work was focused mainly on the life of Barbora Strýcová and her tennis career. I mainly described Barbora's sports training, either on a...

Volák, Adam
Analýza obtížnosti a varianty tréninkové přípravy v rámci OCRA Predator Race

In the theoretical part of the barchelor thesis is breifly discribed the history of the extreme obstacle races their organisation and overview of obstacles. The typology of the races, the characteristics of the OCR runner and all aspects associated with training are also mentioned....

Herajt, Filip
Ideomotorický trénink brankáře v házené

The goal of my bachelor's thesis was to find out if ideomotorical training affects the performance of handball goalkeeper. In the theoretical part of this thesis I focused on mental and especially ideomotorical training and its connection to the performance of a go...