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Recent Submissions

Prachař, David
Vývoj politického dění na Karlovarsku 1918 - 1938

The subject of my bachelor thesis is to analyze political development in the Carlsbad region between 1918 and 1938. The thesis deals with the economic and political situation in the Carlsbad region between 1918 and 1938, also with activist and negativist political parties which...

Suchá, Eliška
Porodnictví jako historický fenomén

This bachelor work focuses on the development of the act of childbirth throughout the history. I will study these changes in the prehistoric times, antiquity, middle ages, renaissance, modern ages, the 19th century and both halves of the 20th century separately. In these time ...

Vydra, Lukáš
K dějinám Korandova sboru v Plzni

The document is dedicated to Koranda congregation in Pilsen. Its history starts at the very beginning of the 20th century. The document focuses especially on the history from the year 1954 until today. It also contains a short description of the first fifty years of the&#...

Fialová, Lucie
Život železničáře

Thesis is about life of railman, when you worked there, you have a little bit special type of life. There are informations about start of railway, where you can see a lot of informations about road, where were horses like power for traveling. The second part is ...

Straková, Monika
Zvony v sakrálních stavbách Plzeňského kraje

This bachelor's thesis is dedicated to history of bells which are install in the sacral buildings of the Pilsen region. Bells are described from a process of their creation to an installment in a steeple. This work is dedicated to a description of parts of bells, ...