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Recent Submissions

Ledvinová, Kateřina
Didaktický potenciál chodského folklóru a jeho využití ve výuce dějepisu na druhém stupni základní školy

This thesis focuses on the observance of ethnographic rituals in the ethnographic region of Chodsko. The aim of the work is to theoretically and then didactically elaborate the areas that touch upon Chod folklore. The subjects of my interest were in five areas - Chod dial...

Balvínová, Jana
Analýza příčin neúspěšnosti na VŠ

The diploma thesis deals with the issue of student failure at the university. The aim of the work was to map the issue of failure of university students in connection with the student´s individuality, motiavtion, learning strategy, previous practice, lack of interes for commitment....

Šafanda, Petr
Život v zaniklých sídlech na Tachovsku (Kulturně-historická topografie)

The history of the defunct villages in the Tachovsk Region, especially the life of the inhabitants in these villages, is still shrouded in mystery. An insight into the everyday life of the predominantly German population living here shows their daily problems that had to be&#x...

Syřínková, Eliška
Osobnost českého herce Františka Kreuzmanna st.

This diploma thesis deals with the life and work of the Czech dramatic and film actor František Kreuzmann Sr., who created hundreds of diverse characters in theatre and film. This great Czech actor went through interesting and groundbreaking historical moments in Czech history that...

Buňková, Klára
Vývoj školství v Kralovicích v politickém a kulturním kontextu (1869-1989)

This diploma thesis focuses on the development of educational institutions providing basic education in Kralovice from the year 1869, when the so-called Great Reich law was published, until 1989, which is one of the most important moments in the modern history of Czechoslovakia. Th...