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Železná, Kateřina
Město Vimperk v období 1945-1968

Bachelor's thesis is focused on description of the development in Vimperk after the World War II until the occupation of Warsaw Pact troops in 1968. Thesis describes post-war history of the city, displacement of the German and Hungarian populations and the development of the&#x...

Čejková, Tereza
Historická naučná stezka v regionu

This bachelor thesis is devoted to the design of the educational trail in the region. The whole work is divided into five main chapters. The first chapter is dedicated to the overview of the history of city Pilsen. The following chapters are about educational trail, then&...

Seidl, Adam
Městská správa v Horažďovicích v raném novověku

My bachelor thesis deals with city administration in eearly Modern times. The first part describes historical development till 18 century. Next part is about development of city administration in Czech. The third part contains city administration in Horažďovice in early Modern time. The...

Svoboda, Lukáš
Odsun obyvatelstva německé národnosti z Plesné v letech 1945-1948

This bachelors thesis was dedicated to the displacement of the German nation inhabitants from Plesná in the years 1945-1948. The aim of this piece of work was an attempt of a detailed view of the issue of the German nation inhabitants in Plesná in the years 1945-1948...

Malecha, Petr
Internační středisko Třemošná

The work presents the functioning of the International Camp in the village of Třemošná between 1945 and 1947. It brings a view of Czech-German relations as the beginning of the crisis of the 20th century, which resulted in the establishment of the camp system. The work&#x...

Novotný, Jakub
Vzpomínky veterána Jindřicha Sitty (vojenské mise AČR Afgánistán a Perský záliv)

My bachelor thesis deals with the military missions of the Army of the Czech Republic from the Gulf War in 1990/91, after the first participation of our army in Afghanistan, which took place in 2002/03. An integral part of this work is the biography of war ...

Trnka, Michal
Pravěk Touškovska a expozice regionálních muzeí

This bachelor thesis focuses on the prehistoric settlement of the region Touškovsko which is located in the northern Pilsen region, especially on the localities of Vochov, Bdeněves, Kozolupy, Město Touškov and Újezd nade Mží. The main part of the thesis is dedicated to archaeologic...

Jandová, Barbora
Berounsko v letech 1938 - 1945

This bachelor thesis deals with the events that took place between the years 1938 - 1945 in a small region which is called Berounsko. There is mentioned the Munich Agreement and its influence on this Central Bohemian region. The major part of this thesis is dedicated ...

Wagner, Vojtěch
Historická naučná stezka v regionu Kynšperk nad Ohří a její didaktické využití.

During my studies I became familiar with the works of Czech and world history. I complement the knowledge and found beauty in historical research. I was thinking about passing this beauty among other people, and so I was approached by the theme I created to create a&...

Kreuzerová, Jaroslava
Jezuitské Klatovy 1636-1773

The bachelor thesis is devoted to the activities of the Jesuit order in the royal town of Klatovy between 1636-1773. Besides the general characteristics of the activities of the order, the personality of Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the order, is introduced. The thesis&#...

Hálková, Lenka
Pionýrská organizace na Domažlicku

The bachelor thesis clarifies the historical development of the pioneer movement in the Domazlice region from its beginning to the present. In the introduction the general history of the Pioneer Organization is described. The second chapter follows the previous one and is focused s...

Karlovcová, Jarmila
Historie a současnost Základní školy v Klenčí pod Čerchovem

This bachelor thesis deals with the historical development of primary education village Klenčí from the first references to contemporary period.

Mahmoud mohamed mayhoub, Daniela
Znovuosídlování Kynžvartska po odchodu sudetských Němců

This bachelor thesis deals with the resettlement of the town Lazne Kynzvart in first years after end of the Second World War.

Csomor, Michal
Pamětní desky v městě Klatovy.

The bachelor work completes the list of Klatovy memorial plaques. Collects information about commemorative plaques. Locates the installation locations. Collects available sources and literature. The information is interpreted concisely.

Slavíčková, Lucie
Slovanská hradiště v Plzeňském kraji

Bachelor´s thesis deals with selected Slavic fortified settlement in the Pilsen Region and aims to popularize this category of sites to a wider public. The work consists of three main parts. The first - opening theoretical part - initiates the reader to the basic issues o...

Jahn, Pavel
Chatařské oblasti na Plzeňsku historickým pohledem

The aim of the thesis is to bring closer the historical development of cottage areas in the Pilsen region.

Petlička, Filip
Kambodža, Pol Potovi Rudí Khmérové a jejich reflexe v Československém Rudém právu v letech 1973 - 1979.

This thesis provides a reflection of Khmer Rough movement, and of their totalitarian regime, as perceived by Czech press, namely Rudé právo newspaper, in years 1973-1979. Integral part of this text is a list of references in Rudé právo newspapers in years 1973-1979.

Jesínek, Lukáš
Historik Václav Spěváček

The aim of this Undergraduate thesis is to familiarize you with a lifework of PaedDr. Vaclav Spevacek (19132004), a long-term professor at the Faculty of Education at the University of West Bohemia. The thesis itself is divided into three parts. In the first part&...

Peroutková, Markéta
Hynek Palla a jeho plzeňské působení

Hynek Palla was a great composer, a conductor and a writer who worked especially in the 2nd half of the 19th century. He was born on 12th December 1837 in Prague but his the most important occasions and life events are connected with Pilsen where he took part&#x...

Cíchová, Pavlína
Historie Gymnázia Pierra de Coubertina v Táboře

This bachelor thesis is dedicated to the history of the Gymnasium of Pierre de Coubertin in the town of Tábor. The whole thesis is divided into fourteen chapters. The first chapter is dedicated to the history of the town of Tábor.Following chapters describe particular periods&...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 137