Katedra výpočetní a didaktické techniky / Department of Computer and Didactic Technology


Recent Submissions

Vokáč, Jan
Komponenty pro učebnici LEGO robotiky

The bachelor work is about LEGO robotics for primary school. Main target of this work was to create components for LEGO Robotics textbook. The textbook is creating in KVD FPE ZČU. The created components for this LEGO Robotics textbook are the construction of robotics models,&#...

Šrámek, Michael
Komponenty pro e-kurz na téma informatika a volný čas dětí a mládeže

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to create suitable components for the online course of Computer Science and Leisure Activities. Prior to the start of the creation of the components, it was necessary to get acquainted with the matter of leisure activities. For this reas...

Hofman, Martin
Tvorba elektronického výukového kurzu se zaměřením na vývoj Android aplikací v jazyce Python

This Thesis deals with development of Android applications in Python. The practical part of the Thesis was to create an electronic training course on this topic. The aim is to inform the readers on basic programming in Python 3 language and some programming tools for deve...

Prade, Martin
Využití tabletu ve výuce na základní škole

The aim of this master's thesis is to show the possibilities of using tablets in primary schools, and to thus provide a comprehensive overview of mobile education. The first part of the paper deals with the issue of m-learning, and describes various mobile technologies tha...

Zíka, Miroslav
Ověření učebnice Práce s daty na základní škole

This work deals with educational material called Práce s daty which was created within the project Support of the development of informational thinking at FPE ZČU. In the text reader is acquainted with the planned revision of the RVP for basic education which is compared ...