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Recent Submissions

Pátý, Jiří
Elektrolyty a jejich vlastnosti ve výuce chemie

This bachelor thesis deals with electrolytes and their properties in chemistry education. The thesis is divided into theoretical, didactic and practical parts. In the theoretical part the basic properties of electrolytes are explained. In the didactic part, the textbooks of primary and ...

Flosman, Petr
Složení minerálních pramenů v Mariánských Lázních a jejich účinek na zdraví jedince

The Bachelor thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part of the bachelor thesis was divided into three main chapters. In the first chapter, all macro biogenic and some micro biogenic, and trace elements were described. These elements were described b...

Sloup, Dominik
Stanovení vybraných halogenovaných pesticidů plynovou chromatografií

In this bachelor's thesis, we focused on measuring the concentration of pesticides in the soil using a gas chromatograph. We describe how a separation works and what are its types. Then we focus on chromatography, specifically gas chromatography, its composition, ...

Hrušková, Viola
Sacharidy v projektové výuce

The bachelor thesis deals with the project-based teaching of carbohydrates in secondary schools of the grammar school type. The thesis describes the basic theory of project-based learning and carbohydrates. The practical part is devoted to project proposal and laboratory activities.

Mrákota, Vít
Dusík, fosfor a jejich sloučeniny ve výuce chemie na střední škole

The diploma thesis summarizes essential and important information about nitrogen, phosphorus and their important compounds, but also compares the way the topic is taught in selected secondary schools in Pilsen. The diploma thesis has a theoretical didactic part, in which information about&#x...