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Kacovská, Andrea
Stanovení vybraných těžkých kovů elektrochemickými metodami

The bachelor thesis deals with basic electrochemical methods, their principles, features and application. In the theoretical part, the thesis focuses in more detail on the method of polarography. The practical part verifies the theoretical knowledge by identifying selected heavy metals by me...

Mrázová, Marie
Jaderné reakce a využití jaderné energie

This bachelor thesis deals with the use of the nuclear energy. There is a description of the structure of the atom, specifically of its nucleus.In the next section is described radioactivity, where each of the radiation types is described in detail. A large part of this&#...

Sloupová, Klára
Stanovení vybraných složek v ovocném destilátu metodou plynové chromatografie

The topic of the bachelor thesis is focused on the determination of the content of methanol, ethanol and 2-propanol in differently old samples of domestic distillates with the use of gas chromatography. In the theoretical part there is a short mention of gas chromatography,&#...

Keslová, Anna
Stanovení vybraných parametrů odpadních vod a optimalizace čisticího procesu v podmínkách malé ČOV

The aim of this Bachelor´s Thesis is to define the chasen parameters of wastewater in small wastewater treatment plant. The theoretical part contains the description and kinds of wastewater and the procedure of its cleaning. Further it gives us insight into the methods ...

Nová, Kristýna
Porovnání cukernatosti komerčního sladu a sladu připraveného v laboratoři

The Bachelor work is focused to practic manufactory of the malt in laboratory. Describing theory used in technological practise. On this basis is created the process in laboratory. Manufactured malts are compared with the malt which is comercially available. Comparative method is based&...

Picková, Barbora
Elektrochemická příprava polymerních materiálů

This bachelor thesis is focused on the electrochemical preparation of polymeric materials. Bachelor thesis is divided into three main parts - theoretical part, practical part and data evaluation. First part is devoted to the study of scientific literature and explains the concept...

Novák, Lukáš
Příprava a vybrané reakce gama-apoallobetulinu

This thesis comprised of the theoretical and the experimental part deals with triterpenoids, especially with betulin and gamma-apoallobetulin. The thesis is focused on experiments leading to preparation of gamma-apoallobetulin from betulin at the potassium hydrogen sulfate solution, and on a use&...

Maděra, Lukáš
Výroba cukru v českých zemích dříve a nyní

This bachelor thesis deals with the production of sugar in the Czech lands before and now, along with making some processing procedures sugar beet in laboratory. The first chapters describes composition of the sugar beet, pests, deseases and fertilizing. Next chapters deals with th...

Feistinger, Marek
Určení přítomnosti halogenovaných látek ve vybraných vzorcích životního prostředí metodou plynové chromatografie

This project will be resolving presence of halogenated substances in selected samples from the environment. Subjected to the tests halogenated hydrocarbons and as a sample was chosen herbicide, commonly used in local farming/agriculture. The Herbicide was extracted from watery environment an...

Hájek, Jiří
Příprava a charakterizace ochranné hlinitokřemičité vrstvy

The work on the chosen topic includes systematically organized information. These are intentionally divided into the theoretical area and the practical sphere with respect to their own experiment. The knowledge obtained in the form of the output data of the curves of the individual...

Simonian, Karina
Historie a současnost periodické soustavy prvků

This thesis deals with periodic system of elements. Attention is focused on a sequence of historical discoveries, thanks to which the system has evolved over several years. It is described, what scientists have contributed to the development of the periodic system, their hypotheses ...

Ošťádalová, Jana
Významné osobnosti chemie 19. století

This bachelor thesis is focused on the most famous person in chemistry in 19th century. Bachelor thesis is divided into two main parts. The first part deals the general development events in 19th century. The second part is dedicated to chemical branches and their the mos...

Mrákota, Vít
Prvky skupiny dusíku a jejich významné sloučeniny

The barchelor thesis theoretically summarizes information about the elements of group 15 of the periodic table of elements and their important compounds. For each element there are mentioned their physical and chemical properties, their history of discovery, development, production and use i...

Mezníková, Milada
Stanovení vybraných parametrů pitných vod v okolí Klášterce nad Ohří

This thesis is concerned with the selected drinking water parameters.The goal was to get acquainted with possibilities of thein titration assessments. Appropriate methods for selected analytes were choosen from alternatives and the work instructions were prepared for them. These work instructions...

Vála, Lukáš
Ozonolýza derivátů kyseliny betulinové

In this thesis are described features and applications of betulinic acid and some laboratory methods like distillation, extraction and thin-layer chromatografy, also described construction of ozoniser. In practical part is a description of simple transformation of betulinic acid, its ozonolysis a...

Krabcová, Michaela
Stanovení vápníku v mléce

This bachelor´s thesis is focused on milk and calcium contained there. It deals with composition of the milk, its treatment and the presence of calcium which is the main topic of a practical part. It compares milks of various mammals which differ in their ingredients acco...

Formánková, Aneta
Dusíkaté deriváty oleananového typu

This bachelor thesis is focused on the basic relations between nitrogen derivatives, especially an oxime. In the theoretical part some possibilities of preparations and reactions of oxime are mentioned. The aim of the practical part was the preparation of the allobetulonoxime, which&#x...

Zemanová, Štěpánka
Orientační stanovení obsahu vlákniny v potravinách a odhad velikosti jejího průměrného příjmu v závislosti na stravovacích zvyklostech

Nowadays food products containing roughage are freely available for purchase almost anywhere. Roughage has a beneficial effect on the physiology of the human body. Individual types of roughage have common characteristics and ability to influence food digestion in the human organism. Roughage...

Trhlíková, Lenka
Výpočtové úlohy v chemii

The bachelor thesis focuses on the topic connected to chemical calculations. The goal of bachelor thesis was to study the most often mistakes and example types that are very difficult for students.

Štrejchýřová, Šárka
Prvky skupiny uhlíku a jejich významné sloučeniny

This work refers about the elements of carbon group and their important compounds. The work is divided into two parts. In the theoretical part there is a theoretical characteristic of the elements of carbon group - something about their occurrence, physical and chemical properties,...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 38