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Recent Submissions

Bauerová, Dita
Strategie učení a školní úspěšnost u dětí mladšího školního věku

The aim of this work is to summarize the most important concepts related to learning strategy. The bachelor thesis describes learning and learning strategies. Emphasis is given to motivation, metacognition, self-regulation, without which the whole learning process would not work well....

Dosadilová, Barbora
Přehledová studie výzkumu smysluplnosti existence

This bachelor thesis is designed to provide information about the meaning of human life from the perspective of psychology. They will acquaint readers with the theoretical basis of meaningfulness. Subsequently, they will create a certain overview of Czech and Slovak research on meaningf...

Vlčková, Jana
Profesní spokojenost pedagogů

This thesis aims to specify the terms "profession", "educationalist" and "satisfaction" in the theoretical part. Also to lay out the factors influencing the teacher´s professional satisfaction - personality of the teacher, the teacher´s key skills, his working cycle due t...

Zachová, Marcela
Role školního psychologa vnímaná žáky

The diploma thesis deals with the activities of the school psychologist at primary school and the perception of his role through pupils. Currently, there is an increasing number of pupils with various educational and upbringing problems. Owing to this reason, school counseling centers&#...

Havlíková, Martina
Využití dětské kresby v diagnostické činnosti učitele.

The goal od my Diploma thesis was to point out the child's drawing as a diagnostic Tool in the work of the teacher ať the first level.