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Recent Submissions

Marková, Adéla
Aktivizace pohybu prostřednictvím gestické malby

This work describes the possibility of connecting movement and art using gestural painting, the target group of which are children of preschool age. The developmental period of preschool age from the point of view of bio-psycho-social aspects, the characteristics of framework preschool ...

Ulovcová, Emma
Můj zámek, můj dům - komentovaná prohlídka na zámku Kozel pro děti předškolního věku

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to develop a proposal for an argumented tour methodology for preschool children at the state castle Kozel. The theoretical part of the thesis describes the history of the creation of Kozel Castle, the realization of the castle park and&#...

Krňoulová, Ivana

This thesis deals with the adaptation and education of a child with a different mother tongue in a kindergarten, concretelly from the perspective of teachers. The main goal of ths thesis was to find out how do the pedagogues themselves evaluate their own preparedness; whether&...

Zlochová, Sabina
Výchova dětí v období puberty

The bachelor´s thesis "Upbringing children during puberty" discusses the changes that pubescents go through in this period. These are physical, psychological and social changes. The emphasis here is on the raising children itself. What is education in general, what are its goals,&#...

Čechová, Tereza
Plán podpory dítěte s epilepsií v prostředí mateřské školy

The Bachelor thesis looked at support in the education of a selected child with Dravet syndrome in a nursery school setting. The opening chapters addressed the definition of epilepsy, Dravet syndrome itself, and the conditions of education for children with special educational needs.&#x...