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Kapounová, Miluše
Vliv peněžních toků z investičních projektů na řízení výrobního podniku

In the thesis is reviewed cash flow management system in the manufacturing company TitanX for the period 2008-2011 and the proposals are set to improve this system to increase the level of cash flow. The company is introduced in the opening part. It is followed by th...

Bečvářová, Tereza
Tvorba interaktivních pomůcek pro výuku stereometrie \nl na středních školách

Spatial vision is not obvious for everyone; thus, solving stereometric problems can be difficult for some secondary school students. This thesis on "Creation of Interactive Aids for Teaching Stereometry at Secondary Schools" focuses on one part of stereometry - sections of solids&#...

Šišková, Michaela
Matematické modely penetrace trhu

Many different mathematical models exist to describe market penetration after a new product is launched on a market. They usually assume an infinite continuous population and continuous time. These premises might be at odds with the real world, as the population is probably much&#x...

Špaček, Ondřej
Semidefinitní programování v kombinatorické optimalizaci

Thesis deals with semidefinite programming in combinatorial optimization. The first part is summarizes the theory needed to work in this field. In the second section we are dealing with Shannon capacity of the graph, Lovasz $\vartheta$ function, and with MAX CUT problem. The m...

Ondříček, Jan
Použití Elo ratingu pro predikci výsledků utkání NBA

The main purpose of this thesis is to propose changes and improvements of the Elo rating system for a prediction of the NBA games results and compare the prediction outcomes with a model of selected bookmaker and with the FiveThirtyEight model based on the Elo rating....