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Recent Submissions

Šlehofer, Pavla
Motivace všeobecných sester k dalšímu profesnímu vzdělávání

The diploma thesis deals with motivation of general nurses for further professional education. In the theoretical part, he explains motivation, analyzes nursing education and analyzes professional education from an organization perspective. In the empirical part, determined hypotheses are evaluated us...

Zahálková, Dana
Komplikace u povinného očkování u dětí do dvou let věku

The content of this topic is description of adverse events of vaccination following children under two. The frequency of these adverse events is compared with selected factors. General vaccination principles, mandatory vaccination of children under two, undesirable effects of vaccines and&#...

Stiborová, Denisa
Podpora pečujících při poskytování paliativní péče.

The diploma thesis deals with palliative care. In the theoretical part it defines palliative care, thanatology, the principles of communication in palliative medicine and the ethical princip of providing palliative care. In the empirical part determined hypotheses are evaluated using quanti...

Rambousková, Anna
Motivace v profesi všeobecných sester

Monitoring of the motivation is one of the basic means in human resources management. We observed an increase of interest about this topic in past two decades. Important problems which increase an interest about this topic are lack of general nurses, early quit from the p...

Ibermajerová, Michaela
Problematika závislosti na alkoholu u dospělých jedinců

In my dissertation I deal with the topic of alcohol dependence in adults. I chose this topic because of the current discussion about alcohol prices or beer in restaurants where beer is cheaper than water. I also think that many people who depend on alcohol do not...