Katedra teoretických oborů / Department of Theoretical Branches

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Voříšková, Dagmar
Stanovení specifických IgE - porovnání používaných metod

This bachelor work discusses three methods used in immunological laboratories, meaning Immulite 2000, ImmunoCAP 250 and ImmunoCAP ISAC. In the theoretical part is described basic immunology, introduction to the topic of allergies and specification of antibodies, particularly divergence of ...

Smolová, Barbora
Srovnání kvantity a kvality nukleových kyselin izolovaných z histologických řezů různého stáří

This bachelor thesis consists of two parts: the theoretical one and the practical one. In the theoretical part there are described origin, initiation and growth of the neoplastic disease, including the factors triggering the changes in a genome of cells of organisms and genes...

Szöke, Michal
Zpracování bioptického vzorku zmrazovací technikou

This Bachelor thesis reviews the limits of intra-operative examination and compares their advantages and disadvantages with processing of paraffin embedded tissue with regard to examined tissue and diagnosis. During the examination, a discrepancy of 4% of frozen section biopsy results was re...

Raunerová, Eliška
ATB rezistence, její význam v současné medicíně a možnosti prevence.

In my bachelor thesis I examine the issues of bacterial resistance to antibiotics, which is quickly becoming a global threat. You can read about antibiotics, its distribution and the mechanism of the effect in the theoretical part. I also described the antibiotics policy. A pa...

Pluhaříková, Ivana
Stanovení kalprotektinu u autoimunitních chorob gastrointestinálního traktu

This work discusses about the determination of calprotectin as a marker of autoimmune diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The theoretical part focuses on the proposed autoimmune diseases, their separation and pathogenesis. There are also analyzed the various diseases of the digestive tra...