Katedra ošetřovatelství a porodní asistence / Department of Nursing Care and Midwifery


Recent Submissions

Soukupová, Lenka
Acute Pain Service ve FN Plzeň

In the diploma thesis we dealt with acute postoperative pain and its treatment using epidural analgesia. In the theoretical part we will find, among other things, what the Acute Pain Service looks like in the Czech Republic and abroad. The empirical part dealt with qualitative...

Kubíková, Kristýna
Autoplastický obraz u nemocného s Ca pankreatu.

The diploma thesis deals with complex problems of pancreas Ca, psychology of the disease and autoplastic picture of the disease. It also describes the holistic concept of nursing, where the role of the nurse is to satisfy the needs of the patient at all levels of nur...

Tichá, Michaela
Péče o pacienta s kontinuální eliminační metodou na jednotkách intenzivní péče

This final thesis is focused on the problem of continuous elimination methods in the intesive care units in the University Hospital in Pilsen. The main aim of this thesis is a preparation of a proposal of a standard for providing the replacement of kidney function in ...

Zelenková, Barbora
Klinická supervize v psychiatrickém ošetřovatelství

The theoretical part of the thesis deals with clinical supervision and outlines the issues and specifics of psychiatric nursing. The first part focuses on clinical supervision, defines the basic concepts in the concept of psychiatric care. The second part of the theoretical work de...

Novotná, Klára
Role všeobecné sestry v prevenci nádorového gynekologického onemocnění

The diploma thesis deals with gynecological tumors in general with a focus on the most common cervical cancer. The theoretical part contains chapters concerning general oncology, general gynecology and oncogynecology. In the oncogynecological chapter we find information about precanceroses, individual...