Fakulta designu a umění Ladislava Sutnara / Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art


Recent Submissions

Součková, Kateřina
Dětská židlička

I decided to created a dining chair for children that can be lowered into a low chair for playing and drawing. My main intention was to create a chair that will grow with the child. And it will be able to be used again by another child.

Talknerová, Petra
Umění v designu nábytku

In this bachelor thesis I focus on the concept of the Dadaist movement. I was looking into what dadaism means today compared to the impact it had in its time. I tried to paraphrase the main principles of Dadaism. The outcome of my bachelor thesis is The Unsinn&#...

Vořechovská, Eliška
Intervence do interiéru

In this bachelor thesis on theme Intervention to exterior I focused on different perception of space. I tried to subdue borders between interior and exterior areas. I tried to create a new kind of a building. In this project I united a lookout tower with a chap...

Santolík, Vojtěch

My bachelor thesis is based on a topic Art in Furniture Design. My target was to join both art and design together and find some balance between these two more and more different fields. I am trying to present ideas that led Czech architectural Cubists to create ...

Siváková, Kateřina
Interpretace dějin a kultury v současných teoriích interpretace

The theme of my bechelor thesis is intervention to the exterior. I chose this, becouse I wanted to create something, that would sourve the people and make the enjoyment of nature more enjoyable. I also wanted a test myself in realizing a bigger project and learn some...