Fakulta designu a umění Ladislava Sutnara / Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art


Recent Submissions

Frk, Adam
TRENDY, STYL A VIZE - VLASTNÍ TÉMA Autorská kolekce. Ucelená kolekce oděvů a doplňků (6 ks modelů).

The theme of my thesis is TRENDS, STYLE AND VISION - OWN TOPIC Author's collection. A comprehensive collection of clothing and accessories. This theme allowed me to explore the theme of sustainability in fashion, which was my main focus. I was able to present my own&#...

Dubovyk, Sergiy

The result of my diploma thesis is a collection of brooches called "Universe". The jewelry collection consists of eight brooches. The main source of inspiration for my work was the universe and everything connected with it, infinite space, the solar system and the geometr...

Syřišťová, Veronika
"NEVSTUPUJ, KDO NEZNÁŠ GEOMETRII" /Platón/ Autorská kolekce, série šperků/objektů, včetně etuí, v počtu min. 7 ks.

My goal was to create work that will be inspired by the truss structures of high voltage pylons. I wanted to show that these buildings, although they are hated by many people, can have a high esthetic value. I named my work ATTENTION !, which refers to the ...

Starý, Tomáš
Udržitelný design (minimalizace dopadů na životní prostředí)

The final design is a set of home vermicomposter, used for ecological disposal of biodegradable kitchen waste and a hydroponic box for growing herbs and vegetables at home without the need to use soil - it is fully replaced by the nutrient solution and growing medium....

Řehák, Martin

I chose this topic for my diploma thesis because I wanted to prove that it is possible to use agrotechnic machine as a plausible subject for a visual study. The main goal for me was to preserve the high visual standard of minimalistic small tractors from the 60&...