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Recent Submissions

Kohoutová, Tereza

The topic of my thesis is Bibliophilia. The author's book is intended for children of younger school age. So I elaborated the author's text accompanied by illustrations on the given topic, digitally modified the appearance of the book block and put it all together by&#...

Jirsa, Lukáš
Cyklus obrazů na vlastní téma

I was faced with the question of how I live the world. The answer is, in the most real way. Do I really imagine reality like that? Of course. Abuse of moral values and beauty. Human intolerance, heartlessness, rottenness and sinfulness. Gluttony, avarice, fornication, laziness...

Jenčíková, Lucie
Autorská kniha

As a theme for my thesis I have picked an author book, in which I am introducing a "made up" imaginary world full of fantastical creatures and beasts. The book bears a name: "Atlas fauny ztraceného světa Adry", which would be translated as the "Lost&#x...

Gregorová, Kristýna

Illustrated children book and additional piece. The book is suitable for children 8 years of age. Spanning 84 pages, it tells interesting informations about water and how we can care of it. Illustrations have been created by gouache and digital painting. Besides the book I cre...

Dvořáčková, Anna
Autorská komiksová kniha

Anomaly is a sci-fi graphic novel set in a distant post-apocalyptic future, telling the story of Ura, a maintenance worker who got infected by a hive mind virus called Anomaly, and a colony that is Ura's home, that is trying to defend against the virus. The ...