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Kohoutová, Tereza

The topic of my thesis is Bibliophilia. The author's book is intended for children of younger school age. So I elaborated the author's text accompanied by illustrations on the given topic, digitally modified the appearance of the book block and put it all together by&#...

Jirsa, Lukáš
Cyklus obrazů na vlastní téma

I was faced with the question of how I live the world. The answer is, in the most real way. Do I really imagine reality like that? Of course. Abuse of moral values and beauty. Human intolerance, heartlessness, rottenness and sinfulness. Gluttony, avarice, fornication, laziness...

Jenčíková, Lucie
Autorská kniha

As a theme for my thesis I have picked an author book, in which I am introducing a "made up" imaginary world full of fantastical creatures and beasts. The book bears a name: "Atlas fauny ztraceného světa Adry", which would be translated as the "Lost&#x...

Gregorová, Kristýna

Illustrated children book and additional piece. The book is suitable for children 8 years of age. Spanning 84 pages, it tells interesting informations about water and how we can care of it. Illustrations have been created by gouache and digital painting. Besides the book I cre...

Dvořáčková, Anna
Autorská komiksová kniha

Anomaly is a sci-fi graphic novel set in a distant post-apocalyptic future, telling the story of Ura, a maintenance worker who got infected by a hive mind virus called Anomaly, and a colony that is Ura's home, that is trying to defend against the virus. The ...

Bílková, Veronika

The topic of my thesis is an illustrated non-fiction book. It is about Ludwig van Beethoven´s life and his work. The book is intended for children over 10 years old and has an educational character. It should give them an entertaining look at the famous composer´s br...

Čermáková, Julie

The goal of my diploma's work was to create an art for the computer game What's wrong with the world. This game is quite a large project created/ initiated by Olga Tesliuk, author of the main story and person who found and leads all the team members..&#x...

Bydžovská, Anna

As my diploma project I have created the author´s book RÁNO POLEDNE VEČER (MORNING NOON EVENING.) The book consist of 4 microstories, depicting the day of five people of different ages, gender and education. Seven year old schoolboy Erik with a passion for everything connected...

Hylmarová, Jana

The book Anxious captures subjective experience of dealing with mental health issues. The narration combines illustrations and comic book ways of storytelling.

Knotková, Eliška
Tvorba kolekce ve spolupráci s konkrétním výrobce, firmou, zančkou- Bourgeois Boheme Propojení vlastní návrhářské práce s filosofií konkrétní firmy a tvorba kolekce v návaznosti na požadavky firmy, případně průmyslové výroby (koncepce kolekce, předložení 6 realizovaných modelů)

In my diploma thesis I designed the spring/summer 2019 collection for London based vegan footwear brand Bourgeois Boheme. The collection includes 23 styles (men's, women's and unisex). My aim was to create wearable collection with focus on company's core values - veganism,&#...

Výsmeková, Monika

My master thesis consists of 10 components each with different diameter approximately from 7 to 12 cm. The components are made of several layers of different plastic materials. Their colours vary greatly and the creation is based mainly on my feelings and my own creativity,&#x...

Ticháčková, Jitka
"Umění není pravda, ale lež, která umožňuje poznat pravdu." /P. Picasso

The subject of my thesis is based on Pablo Picasso´s quote: "Art is not truth. Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth." This saying describes precisely how I see the art as a media that could be used to express one´s inner truths, that are&...

Vaníček milesson, Sára
"Šperkem je vše, co za něj považujeme." /V. K. Novák

Objects reflect my personal need for re-defining myself as a human, as a person, as a woman, as a mother I am searching for stable ideals. Ideal is something no human being can ever reach, but there still is an inner need inside all&#...

Jurusová, Tereza
"Zdá se, že nanejvýš pečlivé a kultivované řemeslné provedení je na vymření." Ladislav Sutnar

My master's thesis is about crafts, beauty, flowers and especially women. I respond to the chosen theme / quotation from Ladislav Sutnar "It seems that the most careful and cultivated craftsmanship is to extinction" and my previous work, which I continue to develop.&#...

Menčíková, Veronika
"Šperkem je vše, co za něj považujeme." /V. K. Novák

The main source of inspiration is nature. This is a versatile series of jewellery that shakes on touch. The jewels call after touch due to its material and shape, just as it is in nature. Draw objects by changing the composition of individual needles, which also perf...

Hegedüsová, Eva

The existence of man on Earth is connected with his physical body. It cannot be different. Thanks to it, he can live a human life. Admittedly, it is the most powerful experience of man with the material side of our world. A child like takes all the s...

Dvořáková, Barbora
"Umění není pravda, ale lež, která umožňuje poznat pravdu." /P. Picasso

My aim was to create something "alive". Something we could make for a deeper relationship than just a cold, inanimate thing. Something that we could bring to life in our imagination and give a soul to it... I called my work "Twiggium" - it is a&#...

Janischová, Assel
Hledání nových forem a přístupů, technologický experiment Vlastní sebereflexe a tvorba ucelené autorské kolekce (6 ks modelů).

My aim was to create a comprehensive collection with interesting silhouettes and experimental free shape details. Also I wanted it to be wearable. I wanted to achieve specific compromise between fantasy and life. The emphasis in the collection is the drapping technique. Details hav...

Mlezivová, Martina
Vlastní filozofie, analýza stylu „moje značka"

I created a collection of six pair of shoes, each of which is individually shaped and shaped interestingly. Each shoe is complemented by a formally designed sole that always supports the color of the type of shoe.

Syrovátková, Marie
Tvorba kolekce ve spolupráci s konkrétním výrobcem, firmou, značkou Propojení vlastní návrhářské práce s filosofií konkrétní firmy a tvorba kolekce v návaznosti na požadavky firmy, případně průmyslové výroby (koncepce kolekce,předložení 6 realizovaných modelů).

The topic of my final work is Creation of collection in collaboration with concrete producer, company or label. E.daniely is a prominent Czech fashion label, which has been working successfully since 1991. The brand creates ladies fashion and annually lines up seasonal fashion show...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 148