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Kalousová, Aneta

The result of my bachelor thesis is conceptual vision for year 2030 in which is transformation from the normal driving mode to the autonomous mode is included. I didn't choose any specification car company for what I would like to make a steering wheel, on the co...

Ushakova, Arina
Obřad. Čajová sada.

The tea set is made in two versions: 1:1 scale models made from porcelain turned on a potter's circle, and a model printed by 3D printing at a 1:1 scale.

Vykysalová, Hana
Design v lese

This bachelor thesis covers the topic of ecologically degradable hay rack for wild animals. The aim of this work was to design a hay rack that would be organically decomposed into soil atfer the winter season. The challenge was to use natural materials without harmful ing...

Šimůnková, Michaela
Kolekce vyplývající z tvarového a technologického experimentu

Three pairs of shoes with the title "feety_offline". The collection of unisex shoes in sneakers style is exclusively concerned and it works on the impulse of teenager target group

Reichsteinová, Natálie
Sada svítidel – stropní, nástěnné, samostatně stojící

Description of the work of art, Technological specifications, Contribution of the work for the field of study The distinctive feature of the set of lights is shaped, reminding of petals. Despite the fact that they evoke nature, material processing is rather technical. Therefore,&#...

Kotková, Kateřina
Světlo a prostor

For Bachelor's thesis I chose "Light and Space". I chose this abstract theme for countless variants and possibilities. And definitely it makes you think. Where were we without light today? Without fire, candles, bulbs and LED lighting, we simply can not imagine the&#...

Bergmannová, Zuzana
Přístroj pro reprodukci obrazu

I choose the printer concept as my Bachelor assignment. The printer should be different from simile products that are commercially available in stores. The printer should attract your attention by its look as well as by its use value. One of the main advantages comes from...

Kačmarská, Martina
Přístroj pro zaznamenání obrazového materiálu

As a subject of my bachelor thesis, I have chosen to create a new kind of electronic device, that would combine functions of the digital camera and graphics tablet. This multifunctionality was based on fact, that the history of photography is not only about daguerreotype ...

Tomanová, Vanda

Small collection of 3 garments using my design of a floral print, which uses floriography to express friendship.

Srbková, Eliška
Kolekce hledající nové netradiční formy vyplývající ze střihových a konstrukčních manipulací.

In my bachelor´s final work I played with men's and women's principles and I tried shifting their borders in the human society. In principle a man is like a strong person and a woman is like a subtle creature, which is denoted by the translucent fabric. In&#x...

Pavlovičová, Andrea
Kolekce vyplývající z tvarového a technologického experimentu

In my work I was inspired by the style of harajuku, which originated in the 1980s in Japan, is a street style of dressing. It's a style of fantasy and imagination. This style has several subgroups, I have chosen the style of Fairy Kei, which is based on ...

Prausová, Eliška
Kolekce reagující na módní trendy a přinášející vlastní autorské téma.

I concentrated to Czech fashion ground. Who sets the trend? Why do we wear what we wear? The answer is simple - bloggers. They are the people who write a short article about fashion, cosmetics, events and post a lot of photos on their websites and Instagram.

Pavloski, Filip
Kolekce vyplývající z tvarového a technologického experimentu

There are two on the first cut look of a completely identical outfit composed of sandal type boats, a belt with a corset-type collar, a handbag and a pocket over the shoulder, and a lightweight summer dress with decorative lacing on the shoulders. One made entirely i...

Dobrovolný, Pavel
Kolekce reagující na módní trendy a přinášející vlastní autorské téma

My bachelor project is a fall/winter collection inspired by the Pantone colors. My main aim was to recreate this theme of this color inspiration into fashionable statement.

Aradská, Barbora
"Zdá se,že nanejvýš pečlivě a kultivovaně řemeslné provedení je na vymření." /L. Sutnar

The theme of my Bachelor´s thesis is the quote of Ladislav Sutnar: "It seems, that the most careful and cultivated craftmanship is dying out." I tryed to think about this quote in different ways. I believe that the definition of "the most careful and culti...

Hreha, Marko
"Zdá se,že nanejvýš pečlivě a kultivovaně řemeslné provedení je na vymření." /L. Sutnar

My bachelor thesis is based on the concept of the architecture of our school buildings, especially its ceilings where air-conditioning is located. This construction of air-conditioning has changed since the first year at this faculty and I played with the subconscious and composed ...

Baláková, Cecílie
Kolekce reagující na módní trendy a přinášející vlastní autorské téma

Current trends are reflected in increasing modern technology, accelerating access to life, the desire for life without borders, whether in the role of a traveler or as a user of virtual reality, inspiration from exotic areas of the world that have a strong cultural tradition&#...

Szabóová, Diana
Krása kolem i v nás

The main aim of the bachelor thesis was to work with the form of the word, meaning and associations that it creates. The jewels, the brooches, represent a set of "letters", with words embossed into the surface of the paper. The words I chose symbolize the m...

Šupolíková, Anna
Krása kolem i v nás

The theme of my bachelor thesis is "The Beauty Around and Within Us'' I have chosen this quote primarily because it reflects the second work I have done with theme breath when I paid attention to the construction of flying kites. I created these constructions ...

Štěpničková, Kamila
Návrh designu klikového kovacího lisu

The topic of this bachalor thesis is design project of forging press. Specifically LZK 4000 from firmy Šmeral Brno a.s. The goal of my work for the company was to innovate the crank press cover design with respect to functional parts.

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 120