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Skoták, Daniel
Udržitelný design

As the topic of my bachelor thesis, I chose sustainable design. In the research part I focused on the main problems of today. One of the most common causes of problems is inefficient water usage and water wastage. Eventually, I focused on this problem specifically in ...

Sudová, Eliška
Hudební produkt

The piano is original mainly due to its shape. The aesthetics is built to be in harmony with the music and sound that the instrument emits. The body and leg are seamlessly connected and are formed by organic shapes. It is asymmetric, with a metal frame that serv...

Vítek, Jan
Návrh vozidla inspirovaného vozidlem Velorex

The topic of my bachelor's thesis is design of a three-wheeled car, which is inspired by the Czechoslovak vehicle - Velorex manufactured in 1951-1971. The main idea is a small electric and affordable car for better mobility in the cities. The main goal was to design&#...

Svítil, Václav
Design Motocyklu

I chose motorcycle design as the topic for my bachelor's thesis and worked closely with a company called Vintage Garage on this project. They specialise in servicing and building custom motorcycles. The project we worked on involved building a unique motorcycle in the style...

Nehasil, Martin
Sada svítidel - stropní, nástěnné, samostatně stojící

The result of my bachelor thesis is a lighting set. I took the topic instinctively, my first thou- ght was inspired by brutalist architecture, industrial lighting and partly militant aesthetics. However, it was not manufacturable, but after consulting with a glassmaker, I understood...

Krajíčková, Radka
Sci-fi Design jako hra s produktem

My theme is sci-fi design as a game with product. The goal was find interesting product or transport in sci-fi book and made a design of them. Because in books we can just imagine how the products looks like just based on the description. I like the idea ma...

Mazánek, Robin
Design motocyklu

As a topic of my bachelor thesis I chose to design an electric motorbike. The aim of this work was to create a showbike on serial motorbike. I made two designs and used two approaches so that everybody can choose a design which looks better for him....

Hlávková, Nikol

Resulting work consists of three lamps: a ceiling light, a wall light and a table lamp. All three lights are connected with a recurrent pattern of a triangle with star and selected material: birch plywood. I used the same triangle size on all of the lamps. Similarly&...

Fröhrová, Tereza
Zpracování bioodpadu

The aim of this bachelor's thesis was to design a composter for an apartment, which works on the principle of distribution of biowaste using special earthworms. This composter is called a vermicomposter and is suitable for composting kitchen biowaste.

Dvořáková, Daniela
Kuchyňské elektrospotřebiče v levné a drahé formě

I have created a set of kitchen appliances and I would like to show the difference between a cheap and an expensive variant of products with the same shape. The main difference between these two variants is the material, so large part of my work is about it....

Straková, Anna
Low cost, low tech

I made a modular system that allows a shape solution according to the letter L. The size of the product is 45 x 45x cm and it is suitable as a bookcase, partition, or any other storage system. The material used is concrete with an admixture of building debr...

Zejkanová, Kristina
Umění v designu nábytku

The aim of my bachelor thesis was to create a pop-art installation, which has the task to refer to current phenomenons such as consumer lifestyle and fast-growing packaging industry in a humorous way. The installation, which consists of a dressing table, chair, mirror, carpet...

Tomášková, Michaela
Světlo a prostor

As the bachelor thesis, I chose Light and space. I was supposed to create a light, which interacts with space. I wanted to design an object which would be inspired by nature. As a space for my object, I chose a dark corridor. I chose mycelium material for t...

Pšeničková, Jana
Lidová slovesnost v designu nábytku

I chose folk verbal tradition in furniture design. The purpose of my bachelor thesis is to design collection of minimalistic mirrors with sanded quotes.

Kvaček, Adam

This bachelor thesis focuses on the topic of folk culture and tradition in design. The designed product is reflecting on one of traditional Czech crafts, mining. Design is therefore meant as a tribute to the craft and craftsmen whose culture and customs are slowly ...

Mrázová, Karolína
Praktický dekor

As the bachelor thesis I chose Practical decor. The aim of my work was to create an air curtain, which also acts as a hanger or a silent servant. The metal screen formed by a geometric grid in the shape of a tree is intended for living space with the&#...

Kamas, Michal
Praktický dekor

My intention was for the practical decor to get a different dimension. The collection of OASIS luminaires consists of two prototypes. OASIS (vertical) consists of 2 steel cables, behind which the chandelier is anchored to the ceiling. The width of the chandelier body is ...

Jandová, Martina
Praktický dekor

The content of this paper is the development of a gramophone cabinet on the topic of Practical decor. The appearance of this item remains simple, but is still a dominant element of the entire individual piece. This is a versatile product, which also contains an audi...

Doležalová, Terezie
Low cost, low tech

The aim of my work was to create a simple interior element from affordable materials and using simple technology. I made a collection of lamps and coasters, which together form an atmospheric set. I created everything with the help of material made from used tea bags.�...

Kopecká, Soňa

Just as the same as human eye is called the gateway to the soul of human, I think the window is a kind of imaginary gateway to the soul of the building. My soul is going through deep emotional collapse, caused by constant abuse and gradual devastation. I&#...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 175