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Recent Submissions

Záhorková, Lenka
Stoletý design

My diploma thesis is based on storytelling and experiences of people who have witnessed the change of two political regimes in our country. One of the reasons why I chose to work with this theme was a simple fact that my generation may be the last one to hear th...

Hovorka, Jiří
NE POZNÁNÍ (zpracování konkrétního prostoru ve vztahu k jeho minulosti)

The work consists of three separate objects (three beggars). It is a realistic conception of human characters. The main purpose of this project is to point out the inhumanity and disregard of people in public space. Even if you see something and think you know everything&...

Král, Martin
TÉMATICKÁ FOTOGRAFICKÁ PUBLIKACE Obrazová publikace, autorská kniha, kniha-objekt.

This thesis consists of photos from the real world and screenshots created in console games. These screenshots are post-processed and integrated among photos to make them hidden. Along with the choice of format, used materials, sorting of photos and screenshots etc., immediacy is a...

Dvořáková, Kateřina
TÉMATICKÁ FOTOGRAFICKÁ PUBLIKACE Obrazová publikace, autorská kniha, kniha-objekt.

I decided to create by my distinctive style a special work that pays tribute to banality. I created a work that reflects my momentary taste. I'm interested in looking at everyday things. I enjoy watching the colorful objects, interesting buildings and still life in the...

Tesliuk, Olga
Herní prostředí (autorský digitální prostor konstruovaný na principu počítačové hry, s možností interakce s divákem)

Thesis "Game setting" is a collection of three videos: teaser, trailer and a presentation video. These three videos together form a comprehensive presentation package for the development and promotion of a fictional game.