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Recent Submissions

Braun, Michaela
RODINNÝ POKLAD, DOMÁCÍ ŠTĚSTÍ Návrh volného souboru užitné keramiky na dané téma.

Abstract This thesis is about creating an idea and a ritual. It does not only concern itself with dining, but also with communality during the production process. The concept that is built around a family's uniqueness and interestingness. Harmony brings us joy and is ...

Postolenko, Nonna
Day by day

My work is a visualisation of past, present and mainly the future. Uncertainty with which we live every single day motivated me to get my life together and to get a clear and arranged picture about what is going on and what si going to happen. Let´s say I&#...

Matějka, Tomáš
Designová improvizace

Trash. This tendency in graphic design does not have its own name, it has not reached such a point that it would be popularized in wider circles of the cultural public, and I would like to help that. I divided my work into three objects, a triptych. Each&#...

Wirth, Hugo-David
Vnitřní hlas

Series of sculptures called The Familly is presenting itself as a mirror to common parenthood. In the serie we see three seperate statues, each of them is made of a different material. They look like three collums with a mouth like shaped hole that goes ...

Pacholík, Matěj
CESTA (práce s vybraným prostorem s použitím land-artového vyjádření)

The path, I chose this theme, because it fits perfectly into the context of my work, this work literally includes the path I have followed through the In the 1980s, he was building, and it is, my personal journey and the completion of one part of it. ...