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Záhorková, Lenka
Stoletý design

My diploma thesis is based on storytelling and experiences of people who have witnessed the change of two political regimes in our country. One of the reasons why I chose to work with this theme was a simple fact that my generation may be the last one to hear th...

Hovorka, Jiří
NE POZNÁNÍ (zpracování konkrétního prostoru ve vztahu k jeho minulosti)

The work consists of three separate objects (three beggars). It is a realistic conception of human characters. The main purpose of this project is to point out the inhumanity and disregard of people in public space. Even if you see something and think you know everything&...

Král, Martin
TÉMATICKÁ FOTOGRAFICKÁ PUBLIKACE Obrazová publikace, autorská kniha, kniha-objekt.

This thesis consists of photos from the real world and screenshots created in console games. These screenshots are post-processed and integrated among photos to make them hidden. Along with the choice of format, used materials, sorting of photos and screenshots etc., immediacy is a...

Dvořáková, Kateřina
TÉMATICKÁ FOTOGRAFICKÁ PUBLIKACE Obrazová publikace, autorská kniha, kniha-objekt.

I decided to create by my distinctive style a special work that pays tribute to banality. I created a work that reflects my momentary taste. I'm interested in looking at everyday things. I enjoy watching the colorful objects, interesting buildings and still life in the...

Tesliuk, Olga
Herní prostředí (autorský digitální prostor konstruovaný na principu počítačové hry, s možností interakce s divákem)

Thesis "Game setting" is a collection of three videos: teaser, trailer and a presentation video. These three videos together form a comprehensive presentation package for the development and promotion of a fictional game.

Pastorok, Peter

This project is an experiment in creating a digital window for the viewer to enter my imagination and work process in completely digital environment with free movement without any need for Virtual Reality headset, sensors or a powerful computer . It uses a mobile app to&#...

Schlesinger, Benjamín

A short documentary film capturing a snapshot of the life of Roma children in the environment of their neighborhood in Presov, Stara Tehelna. The film documents the situations experienced by a group of Roma children. As author of the film I was witness to joyful, ha...

Kocour, Jan

The documentary is focused on the state of current national culture in Czech republic and the value of national identity across various cultural scenes. Collage showing a cut-down of collected material acompanied by a interviews with culturaly engaged personas presenets several problematics&...

Minaríčková, Kristína
Síla identity

The series of paintings is intended to refer to a summary of random information and images that I select and then complete into a different form. The paintings symbolize some sort of exploring the country and creating one's own painting language. The mixing of empty&...

Pertlíček, Martin

"The story begins, where each dream has it's shade." Film Noctuelle is about battle between the good and evil. The main character - Noctuelle, crafts " night butterflies" alone in his craftshop. These butterflies than fly into the dark and on their&#...

Kloknerová, Barbora

My idea is a collection of objects made of recycled porcelain, which can be used as flower vases. I had pieces of porcelain dishes cut with water jet, invented and made a connecting segment, and, through trial, chose a glaze, which I used to join all the pieces&...

Lampír, Jakub

Subject of this diploma thesis is video instalation in virtual reality. I have surveyed history of this new media, evaluated all posibilities of current technology and found a way to realize my vision. My goal was to create a compact art instalation, which will enable me&...

Klimenko, Tatiana

"Between Love" is a collection of sculptural objects created during the process of exploring fictional memories. The shifts in spatial relations in the "memory of the past" can cause errors, failures, and layerings. The collection consists of five objects. But...

Trbušek, Adam

In my work, I use toys as a symbol of representing a product -- an inanimate thing with which one creates his or her first personal relationship. Attempts to capture human mentality and build a habitual use of a product are currently fully legitimate and officially s...

Lázňovský, David
Video – dokumentární video

This documentary piece of art will be testimony to different situations and some of my strongest feelings that I have encountered on my hitchhiking trip to Armenia and Georgia.

Trunec, Vít

Interactive instalation, designed to educate the viewer (children in the older school age category) in the field of Internet security with a unique visual experience, with involvment of new technologies from the Internet of Things: Programmable microprocessors, light, audio and visual techno...

Fiala, Tomáš

In my early years on the university I have been experimenting with multi-exposure, separating CMYK channels and working with layers in general. Later I started to work with video and it influenced me a lot. I started to think more about the power of editing and a...

Žežula, Jiří
Měl jsem sen…

The work is on the boundary between the material experiment and the conceptual object. It is a collection of ceramic objects whose origins, morphology and method of processing are based on philosophy, that man is possessed from the beginning by the desire to control nature...

Kubíček, Jan
Reflexe média fotografie

As the theme of my diploma thesis I picked up Reflection of Photography. It's final picture is coming together from two parts which are connected by another theme: city. First part of the content is photographic zine focusing on city street advertisement. I make and&...

Klíma, Dominik
Autorské video

The final installation is comprised by a belt of three pictures, therefore triptych made up of three black 24-inch LCD monitors. The monitors are situated close together with only their frames separating them. They are showing three ritual recordings, which were taken by me in...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 101