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Braun, Michaela
RODINNÝ POKLAD, DOMÁCÍ ŠTĚSTÍ Návrh volného souboru užitné keramiky na dané téma.

Abstract This thesis is about creating an idea and a ritual. It does not only concern itself with dining, but also with communality during the production process. The concept that is built around a family's uniqueness and interestingness. Harmony brings us joy and is ...

Postolenko, Nonna
Day by day

My work is a visualisation of past, present and mainly the future. Uncertainty with which we live every single day motivated me to get my life together and to get a clear and arranged picture about what is going on and what si going to happen. Let´s say I&#...

Matějka, Tomáš
Designová improvizace

Trash. This tendency in graphic design does not have its own name, it has not reached such a point that it would be popularized in wider circles of the cultural public, and I would like to help that. I divided my work into three objects, a triptych. Each&#...

Wirth, Hugo-David
Vnitřní hlas

Series of sculptures called The Familly is presenting itself as a mirror to common parenthood. In the serie we see three seperate statues, each of them is made of a different material. They look like three collums with a mouth like shaped hole that goes ...

Pacholík, Matěj
CESTA (práce s vybraným prostorem s použitím land-artového vyjádření)

The path, I chose this theme, because it fits perfectly into the context of my work, this work literally includes the path I have followed through the In the 1980s, he was building, and it is, my personal journey and the completion of one part of it. ...

Kudláčková, Karolína Ester

The thesis connects to the principle of my work during my current master's studies. It's based on the tendency of half-automatic, associational and intuitive work with ceramic clay. The objects were created by modelling freely by hand. It was based on my experimental attitu...

Barták, Josef

With my work I am implying on diferrent themes so my description itself must contain different levels. The work itseld is a series of photos fictional exhibition on them. I took the photos myself in a model of rooms I created. Photos are captivating , strict an...

Kropáčová, Tereza
DOKUMENTÁRNÍ FOTOGRAFIE, soubor fotografií reflektující problémy současné civilizace

For my dissertation work, I have focused on the theme of water and climatic changes, which affect us and our close environment. I often try to capture the environment with my photography. I am searching for the hidden traces of the problems of global warming, which o...

Felberová, Markéta

The main outcome of this thesis is an author's book, which itself is a small alternative world's miniature. The photographs from this publication were taken in night-time Athens and are the main body of this work. They capture the presence, places I visited and events&...

Čúzy, Jakub
Vnitřní hlas

A work of art called (Inner Voice) which consists of four parts where each has twenty-five wine openers which are moved by electric motors in various intentionally programmed sets from top to bottom. The openers look like practitioners who raise their hands and pull again....

Oliveriusová, Karolína
Síla identity

The accompanying text of the thesis focuses on the creation of the book "Memoirs of the Magician Zdeněk Dlabal", which brings the reader closer to his extraordinary life. The book chronicles his authentic narrative, which describes how he encountered spells, how, thanks to...

Šafrová, Karolína

This site-specific installation consists of several vital elements. The construction of 14 plaster busts has been made of jute and wires. The surface has been textured using several tools, e.g. knives, chisels, drills and gravers. The busts have then been painted in several c...

Šťastná, Michaela
Síla identity

Topic of my diploma thesis is Power of identity. My own, very strong experience as a inspirations. Make dream come true, gather courage to start learn how to play musical instrument, find good teacher and instrument. All these points, for one dream, fit together as a ...

Plassová, Inesa
Síla Identity

The diploma thesis describes various disinformation processes as an easy medium for manipulation today. It is not easy to protect ourselves, we all believe in them, as well as our brain. Our vocabulary changes extremely quickly and develops to the disadvantage of other people. ...

Matějček, Leoš

Short animated movie about climbers, tourists, searchers for fame and people, who found death at the ice plains of the Mount Everest.

Zreláková, Juliána

A video installation titled TRADERE, which means to hand down, or to surrender (something). My thesis critically examines generational passing on of information, which is tailored and molded to the current form of communication media. These forms of media are able to &...

Holečková, Šárka
Síla identity

In my diploma thesis I decided to deal with the topic of feminism and gender. I chose a topic that I enjoy and at the same time I know enough information about it to be able to work with it. I focused on the questions that are often asked to me&#x...

Červený, Tomáš

Once upon a time, there was this inocent boy. His name was Charlie. And he entered the wrong void. It was particularly difficult to escape.

Sidorová, Michaela

The main goal is to point at the past moments, which we do not have any memories for. I am contemplating and I am looking for hidden stories behind the initial documented objects in mine or in strange videos found at the public internet platform. How much can&#x...

Vystydová, Eva

To capture motion immobility, to record moment, to capture trail of path. At the same time point out how much and how big we leave our fingerprint on the planet. . To force myself, viewers and readers to think more about all their steps, paths, not to be ea...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 134