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Recent Submissions

Hodr, Milan
Přípravné řízení ve věcech daňových trestných činů

This rigorous thesis deals with the topic of tax crimes, their detection and the fight against them. The aim is to comprehensively analyse the current legislation in the Czech Republic, both in terms of individual types of tax crimes and from a general point of view, ...

Novotný, Jiří
Dokončení hospodářské a měnové unie

In the presented final work I deal with the issue of completing economic and monetary union. In the introduction, before quantitative research, I presented the following hypothetical statements about the unproven relationship between instruments for completing the economic and monetary union ...

Kučera, Tomáš
Změna závazku ze smlouvy na veřejnou zakázku

In this thesis on the topic modification of obligation arising from a public contract, is analyzed the legal regulation of the possibility of changes of obligation from a contract according to § 222 of the PPA. Due to the fact that the legal regulation of modification...

Plachtová, Kateřina
Právní ochrana zvířat proti týrání

The subject of the submitted rigorous thesis is the legal protection of animals against cruelty. First, it deals with the analysis of basic concepts, followed by a list of sources of legislation. Furthermore, actions that are considered to be animal cruelty are analyzed and de...

Bouchema, Hana
Domnělý zločin genocidia spáchaný proti skupině Rohingya ve státě Rakhine, Myanmar

The rigorous thesis deals with the question of whether the violations committed against one of the most endangered groups in the world, the Rohingya group, living in the state of Rakhine in Myanmar, especially in 2016 and 2017, fulfill the factual nature of the crime of&#...