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Recent Submissions

Chupáč, Miroslav
Zánik pohledávek započtením

Presented rigorous thesis deals with the institute of set-off, which is one of the ways how to extinguish (mutual) obligations. The subject of this thesis is a brief comparison with the previous legal regulation, description of the institute itself, examination of legal conditions ...

Holá, Barbora
Částečné zastavení exekuce vůči majetku manžela povinného

The main aim of this work was to analyze in detail the issue of partial suspension of execution against the property of the debtor's wife, especially with regard to the amendment made by Act No. 139/2015 Coll. Partial chapters of this work were, besides theoretical&#x...

Růžková, Martina
Věcná břemena

This thesis deals with the legal institute of easements. These are rights in rem to another person's property which restrict the owner of immovable property in favor of another person or another land . Owner is obliged to tolerate something, to refrain from something or&#x...

Vrba, Michal
Neúčinnost právních jednání podle insolvenčního zákona

This thesis investigates the institute of ineffectiveness of legal proceedings according to the Insolvency Act, which prevents unjustified shortening of the debtor's assets. It examines the substantive aspect of ineffective legal proceedings, the procedural aspect, and the consequence associated&...

Sipková, Tereza
Rozhodování kompetenčních sporů

The topic of the thesis is the deciding of jurisdictional disputes, that is disputes between the bodies about which of them has the jurisdiction to act and decide on the matter. In the Czech Republic, deciding of jurisdictional disputes is entrusted to superior administrative ...