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Recent Submissions

Kuchařová, Petra
Likvidace pozůstalosti

The thesis deals with the topic of liquidation of the estate, which is a process that may occur when the debts of the testator exceed the value of his estate. The aim of the thesis is to outline the whole process of liquidation of the estate. The work also&...

Pfleger, Tomáš
Platby spojené s nájmem bytu a možnosti jejich zvyšování

The submitted rigorous thesis deals with payments related to the rent of an apartment and the possibilities of increasing them, with special emphasis on the lessee's obligation to pay rent and the lessor's right and possibilities to increase the rent. The legislator has reg...

Kolací, Zuzana
Likvidace pozůstalosti

The thesis focuses on the topic of estate liquidation proceedings. The main aim was to provide a comprehensive and systematic interpretation of the procedure, which will be supplemented by practical insight and case law. The first part of the thesis is devoted to the substanti...

Hamplová, Tereza
Řešení rodičovského konfliktu, včetně řešení metodou Cochemské praxe

This rigorous thesis deals with ways of resolving parental conflict, whether it is a conflict resolution in the case of married or unmarried parents of children. In the thesis I focus on how on the proceedings for the adjustment of relations to minor children (i. e....

Sochor, Jan
Spolkové právo se zaměřením na ochranu práv člena spolku

This diploma thesis focuses on the issues of association law with an emphasis on the protection of the rights of members of associations. The thesis includes an analysis of association law in general, including its historical development and the current legal framework governing th...