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Recent Submissions

Knobloch, Jan
Celní právo a celní správa v letech 1848 - 1938

The work describes the development of customs law and customs administration in the years 1848 - 1938 in the Czech territory. The work is divided into an introduction and two chapters. The first chapter focuses on the development of customs law. Within the first chapter, ...

Šebestová, Lucie
Historický vývoj rybníkářství a rybářského práva v českých zemích se zaměřením na jihočeský region od počátků do roku 1992

The fundamental intention of the Rigorous Thesis is to conduct a historical review in fish farming and the fishing law in Czech lands from its very beginning till 1992 with the focus on the South Bohemian Region. The thesis is structured in three parts, which the Fir...

Szabo, Marek
Boj domažlických Chodů za zachování práv a svobod přiznaných jim královskými privilegii

In my rigorous thesis I focused on a detailed introduction to the history of the Chodsko region and especially to the Chods of Domažlice as the fundamental determinants of the course of history in this area. My main goal was to create a comprehensive insight into the...

Polák, Michal
Komparativní studie trestního práva procesního (na pozadí tr. ř. 119/1873 ř. z. a tr. ř. 87/1950 Sb.)

The aim of this rigorous thesis is to present an account of the development and significance of two criminal procedure codes. The thesis elaborates on the historical context of the period in scope, its influence on the specific criminal-procedural legal codes and aims to draw&...

Matoušek, Roman
Vývoj poštovního práva, poštovní správy a její organizace v 19. století

The aim of this thesis is to offer an analysis of postal law and postal administration in the 19th century. This century represents a period when great changes took place in the field of postal law. In the field of national law, work began on the new Postal ...