Katedra pracovního práva a práva sociálního zabezpečení / Department of Labour Law and Law of Social Security


Recent Submissions

Vondráková, Marie
Řešení sporů podle zákona o kolektivním vyjednávání

The theme of this thesis is the resolution of disputes under the Act on Collective Bargaining. Its aim is especially to give a comprehensive interpretation of this issue. The thesis describes collective labour law, collective bargaining including its subjects which are mainly the r...

Šourek, Jan
Pracovněprávní aspekty duševního a průmyslového vlastnictví

This work explains labor law aspects in intellectual property law. Intellectual and industrial property itself is a very important area of law that is becoming increasingly important in today's globalized and interconnected world. In the first chapter, the issue of the superior conc...

Röslerová, Dominika
Systém sociálních služeb a nároky fyzických osob

This thesis deals with the problematice of social services system and the claims of individuals applied in it. Main purpose is to adduce precise definitions to relevant legal concepts and to provide an in depth analysis of the legal scope of provision of these services in...

Kulichová, Markéta
Ochrana osobních údajů v pracovněprávních vztazích

The diploma thesis deals with the issue of personal data protection within labour relations with the aim of bringing this issue closer to the reader. The first chapter focuses on the definition of basic terms, the definition of the basic terminology used and legal regulations&...

Liška, Ondřej
Smlouvy a smluvní typy při vývoji, implementaci a poskytování software

This diploma thesis analyses the issues of contracts a and contractual relations within the IT sector, specifically the contracts used in connection with the lifecycle of software regardless whether they contain development or distribution. The main purpose of this thesis is to adduce&#...