Katedra finančního práva a národního hospodářství / Department of Financial Law and National Management


Recent Submissions

Vrchotová, Markéta
Nástroje správce daně proti daňovým únikům u daně z příjmů

The diploma thesis is focused on the tools of the tax administrator in the preventation against taxes evasions of income tax, it deals with the current issue of taxes evasions in the Czech Republic. The supervisory state authorities supervising the financial flows of the state...

Šperl, Filip
Bezhotovostní platební styk

The subject of my diploma thesis is "Cashless Payments". The main goal of the submitted thesis is to provide a comprehensive overview of this topic and also to analyze the new legal regulation in this area which is Act No. 370/2017 Coll. on payments and com...

Pancová, Lucie
Platební styk a jeho ochrana

The topic of my thesis is payment system and its protection. In the introduction, the payment system and its types are briefly characterized. Then I focused on cash payments, which are banknotes and coins and cashless payments and its instruments, at the end of this chapt...

Kemr, Jan
Bytové spoluvlastnictví z pohledu účetního a daňového

The aim of this work is to give basic and general explanation of the currently most common ways of originating of units, primary taking title to these units and their subsequent economic governance from the accounting and tax point of view. The work is divided into s...

Kalousová, Nikola
Česká národní banka a její dohled nad pojišťovacími zprostředkovateli

The thesis ''Czech National Bank and its supervision of insurance intermediaries'' focuses on legislation of supervision of Czech National Bank over insurance intermediaries with emphasis on changes that have arisen with the Act No. 170/2018 Coll. about insurance and reinsurance&#...