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Skočná, Markéta
Daňová úprava daně z příjmů a daně z přidané hodnoty v insolvenčním řízení zejména z pohledu věřitele

The aim of this diploma thesis is to give an integrated tax view on the problematics of unpaid claims which a creditor registers in his accountancy. The work focuces on claims against a debtor in insolvency proceedings.

Suchánek, Kamil
Rozpočet Evropské unie

The thesis is focused on discovery and acquaintance with the budget of the European Union. It acquaints itself with the gradual development that the European Union has gone through in finantial matters. The thesis mainly pursues the current state of European budget, therefore it&#x...

Soukup, Roman
Ochranné prvky a padělání bankovek

In this work I write about the topic of security features and the related theme counterfeit. There are described coins, banknotes and their security features. I focus on security in meaning which of them are currently used, how are they created, where can be found on ...

Gola, Michal
Mezinárodní výměna informací pro daňové účely

International exchange of information for tax purposes between different jurisdictions is an essential part of international cooperation between tax administrations since jurisdictions generally cannot track the international economic activity of their taxpayers and, thus, tax evasion is within their ...

Toman, Lukáš
Odepření nároku na odpočet daně z přidané hodnoty v důsledku účasti na podvodu

The thesis provides a complex overview of substantive and procedural aspects of refusing the right to deduct VAT as a result of participating of a tax subject in a tax fraud. The substantive part of the thesis is focused on conditions which have to be fulfilled for&#...

Šlachtová, Simona
Právní aspekty daňového zvýhodnění na dítě dle zákona o dani z příjmů

The topic of my diploma thesis is a child tax benefit in the context of personal income tax, comparing systems of the child tax benefit between states of the European Union, specifically Hungary, France and Italy, and representing my own proposal of the child tax benefit....

Heřmanová, Andrea
Finanční a nefinanční vykazování velkých obchodních korporací z pohledu práva.

The topic of this diploma thesis is "Financial and Non-Financial reporting of thelarge corporation from a legal point of view". The thesis is divided into six main parts. Firstly, I explain the reasons for which I have chosen this legal issue for my thesis. The...

Hrušovský, Dominik
Česká národní banka a její vztah k bankám obchodním

The main focus of the thesis titled The Czech National Bank and Its Relationship to Commercial Banks is on banking regulation and supervision. In addition to this institute, the thesis also describes other functions of the Czech National Bank and individual rules and duties th...

Řezáčová, Jana
Právní úprava náležitostí a ochranných prvků hotovostního oběživa v České republice

The aim of this master thesis is to describe The legislation of essentials and protective elements of cash currency in the Czech Republic. In the beginning, the concept and function of money are explained. The next chapter presents the evolution of currency in the region ...

Chmelík, Alexandr
Zajišťovací příkaz a předběžné opatření v daňovém právu České republiky.

This thesis deals with the analysis of the valid institute of securing orders in tax law. After the assessment, the proposal includes the implementation of the precautionary measure instrument in tax law.

Navara, Sabina
Financování organizací neziskového sektoru

This diploma thesis focuses on the funding of non-profit sector organizations, specifically on financing of NGOs. First, it characterizes their individual forms, then it deals with their establishment, administration and activitics. It also contains funding options, the resources of which are...

Kopečný, Vít
Právní a ekonomické aspekty ochrany osobních údajů v procesu digitalizace ekonomiky v České republice

The development of information and communication technologies brings an increasing demand for secure information processing. At the same time, information in the form of personal data is becoming the most endangered commodity. The tendency to process all data electronically and to replace&#x...

Drozná, Barbora
Právní aspekty zdaňování příjmů ze závislé činnosti

The topic of this diploma thesis is legal aspects of taxing income from dependent activity. This topic is currently becoming more current and even though it affects a large part of the population, there will be many taxpayers in the society who are not orient in the&...

Vrchotová, Markéta
Nástroje správce daně proti daňovým únikům u daně z příjmů

The diploma thesis is focused on the tools of the tax administrator in the preventation against taxes evasions of income tax, it deals with the current issue of taxes evasions in the Czech Republic. The supervisory state authorities supervising the financial flows of the state...

Šperl, Filip
Bezhotovostní platební styk

The subject of my diploma thesis is "Cashless Payments". The main goal of the submitted thesis is to provide a comprehensive overview of this topic and also to analyze the new legal regulation in this area which is Act No. 370/2017 Coll. on payments and com...

Pancová, Lucie
Platební styk a jeho ochrana

The topic of my thesis is payment system and its protection. In the introduction, the payment system and its types are briefly characterized. Then I focused on cash payments, which are banknotes and coins and cashless payments and its instruments, at the end of this chapt...

Křížová, Aneta
Právní aspekty směnárenské činnosti

My diploma thesis on "Legal aspects of the currency exchange" deals in the first part with the history of the swap trading and foreign exchange law, on which the currency exchange is based. Chapter 3 focuses on the legal tender of the Czech currency, which are&#...

Kemr, Jan
Bytové spoluvlastnictví z pohledu účetního a daňového

The aim of this work is to give basic and general explanation of the currently most common ways of originating of units, primary taking title to these units and their subsequent economic governance from the accounting and tax point of view. The work is divided into s...

Kalousová, Nikola
Česká národní banka a její dohled nad pojišťovacími zprostředkovateli

The thesis ''Czech National Bank and its supervision of insurance intermediaries'' focuses on legislation of supervision of Czech National Bank over insurance intermediaries with emphasis on changes that have arisen with the Act No. 170/2018 Coll. about insurance and reinsurance&#...

Krameriusová, Markéta
Právní aspekty oběhu bankovek a mincí v ČR

The name of my project is ,,Legal aspects of banknotes and coins circulation in the Czech Republic". In the first chapter of my project I concentrated on development of national currency in our territory from the time of Czechoslovakia to the present days. I established&#...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 88