Katedra trestního práva / Department of Criminal Law


Recent Submissions

Balvínová, Aneta
Trestný čin vraždy v českém trestním právu

The main aim of this master thesis is to make a detail analysis of one particular criminal offence, the murder. This crime is enacted in the Czech Act No. 40/2009 Coll., effective since 1st January 2010. Apart from the historical development of the czech criminal law...

Šmejc, Marek
Vybrané aspekty trestněprávní odpovědnosti lékařů a jiného zdravotnického personálu

The thesis deals with selected aspects of criminal liability of doctors and other medical staff, focusing mainly on selected crimes in health care, classification of criminal liability among individual members of medical staff and their possible defense during criminal proceedings. The secon...

Večerníková, Martina
Odposlechy a záznamy hovorů

The topic of this thesis is "Wiretapping and call recordings". These legal acts of criminal law are inherent legal means in fight against serious criminality and the aim of this work is to provide a general view about this issue. I mainly focus on legislation ac...

Zárubová, Eliška
Trestní opatření ukládaná podle zákona o soudnictví ve věcech mládeže - trestněprávní a kriminologické aspekty

The diploma thesis deals with Czech criminal measures imposed under the Act on Juvenile Justice including history and comparison to foreign countries regulations. The main goal of this thesis is to describe criminal measures, to characterize youth criminal activity and to make a re...

Gricová, Alžběta
Ukončení stádia prověřování v trestním řízení

Diploma thesis deal with topic of termination of the examination stage in criminal proceedings. Deal with basic characteristic of all stages of criminal proceedings, history of criminal proceedings since yeas 1873 to the present with important amendments. Then i describe term, purpose a...