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Vavrová, Monika
Hypnóza a další netradiční způsoby objasňování trestní věci

This thesis focuses on non-traditional methods that can be used in criminal investigations. In addition to the classical evidence used in the proving, the work discusses hypnosis, cognitive conversation, odorology and physiodetection. For these methods there is described how they are used&#x...

Vondráčková, Tereza
Vybrané aspekty okolností vylučující protiprávnost

This thesis is focused on the circumstances precluding illegality in the Czech legal system, with the emphasis on the institute of the legitimate defense and the ideas of the castle doctrine. The circumstances excluding illegality, such as the institute of criminal law, exclude cri...

Vašíčková, Nela
Přípustné riziko

The topic of the dissertation is tolerable risk. It's one of the circumstances excluding illegality. I described the historical progress, the current legal definition and reflection of the tolerable risk in various professions.

Trkovská, Petra
Vybrané aspekty drogové kriminality

The thesis is dedicated to selected aspects of drug crime, especially focusing on the crime of illegal production and other handling of narcotic and psychotropic substances and poisons according to §283 of the Criminal Code and also the crime of storage of narcotic and psychot...

Šedivý, Marek
Alternativní tresty v platné právní úpravě

This diploma thesis deals with a problematics of alternative sentences in the current valid legislation. Alternative sentences as such represent other choice beside custodial sentences how to effectively sanction perpectators of crimes. The primary aim of this diploma thesis is to present&#x...

Štěříková, Anna
Trestný čin obchodování s lidmi z globální perspektivy

The diploma thesis focuses on the substance of the human trafficking crime and on other key factors associated with this crime. The whole thesis is divided into chapters that follow each other. The first part is a historical insight into the history of human trafficking. ...

Štork, Lukáš
Dohoda o vině a trestu

This diploma thesis deals with the institute of criminal law - an agreement on guilt and punishment, which was incorporated into the Czech legal system in 2012. The thesis describes the conditions and course of negotiating the agreement and the process of its approval. It ...

Šosvaldová, Stephanie
Zvláštní formy dokazování

The topic of this thesis is " Special Methods of Evidence ". This specific methods, which are regulated in Section 104a to Section 104e of the Criminal Procedure Code as separate forms of evidence. Particulary speaking about confrontation, recognition, investigation attempt, recons...

Šleglová, Pavlína
Přípustné riziko

This diploma thesis deals with the concept of an tolerable risk. It sums up the acceptable risk principle and moreover, the circumstances preventing its use are discussed. Then, the usability of acceptable risk is presented in three selected fields, namely medicine, economics, and ...

Široká, Klára
Dohoda o vině a trestu

The diploma thesis deals with the institute of an agreement on guilt and punishment, which was introduced into the Czech legal system in 2012. The diploma thesis describes the institute according to current legislation, with emphasis on changes made by Act No. 333/2020 Coll.&#...

Matějovský, Marek
Trestný čin krádeže

The theme of my diploma thesis is the criminal offence of theft. My main goal of the diploma thesis is described this criminal phenomenon comprehensively. Other goals are a comparison of the Czech and German legislation of theft and an evaluation of development trend of c...

Seidlová, Markéta
Trestné činy proti životu a zdraví spáchané nedbalostním zaviněním

This diploma thesis is focused on negligent crimes against human's life and health. The main aim is to create a comprehensive and logically structured overview of this topic from history, through the theoretical definitions of the body of a crime, related case law and comp...

Schön, Jakub
Spolupracující obviněný

This thesis should introduce the reader to the institute of a cooperating accused and his current legislation in the Czech Republic. In my thesis I also deal with the connection between a cooperating accused and a crown witness. The work also focuses on organized crime in...

Korandová, Aneta
Trestná činnost páchaná na dětech na sociálních sítích

The thesis deals with criminal activities against children on social networks. The aim of my thesis was to submit a basic excursion into this issue to the general public, to acquaint it with the facts of selected crimes that fall under this issue and to analyze the&#...

Kartusová, Alžběta
Výslech zvlášť zranitelné oběti se zaměřením na nezletilé dítě

This thesis is focused on the specifics of interrogation of particularly vulnerable victims, primarily dealing with the issue of interrogation of a minor child. In the terms of interrogation of a minor child, the diploma thesis deals with the need for a different approach to&#...

Svrček, Jan
Trestné činy v dopravě

The thesis deals with the topic of traffic offenses. The main goal is to provide a detailed description of this group of criminal offenses and depict each crime with its unique attributes. In addition, several law cases connected to selected traffic violations are leveraged to...

Levá, Karolína
Trestný čin maření spravedlnosti

The presented thesis deals with the new institute of criminal law in the Czech Republic, specifically with the new criminal offence according to sec. 347a of the Criminal Code, called obstruction of justice, introduced into the Czech legal system on the basis of the amendment&...

Gardavský, Martin
Trestněprávní odpovědnost za sportovní úrazy

This master thesis deals with the criminal liability for sports injuries. Sports law not been much studied in the Czech Republic. This thesis tries to focus on the issue of sports law, specifically on the criminal liability for sports injuries. The main questions of the w...

Bartůšek, Jan
Zhodnocení navrhované kodifikace trestního řádu ve vztahu k přípravnému řízení

This thesis aims on the analysis of the submitted Criminal Procedure Code, which is now being prepared and planned to be the future codification codification of the criminal law in the Czech republic. Due to my work as a police officer, I chose the specific part -&#x...

Hajšman, Václav
Ochrana svědka v trestním řízení

The subject of this thesis is a complex evaluation of the topic of witness protection. Its author first discusses the reasons why should the witness protection be regulated, then continues with the history of the Czech legislation. Following that the author concisely describes its&...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 399