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Recent Submissions

Kutílek, Jakub
Spravedlivá obec u Platóna

This thesis deals with the two major Plato's political pieces of work, i.e. the Constitution and the Laws. Throughout the whole work there is the idea of justice and the search for the answer to the very question; what is justice. The work focuses primarily on mu...

Pichrtová, Alice
Soukromé a veřejné právo v minulosti a současnosti

The objective of the thesis is research on the problematics of public rights and private rights - dualism of rights. Firstly attention is given to defining these concepts. Then significant theories about the separation of rights, into public rights and private rights, are discussed...

Vnuk, Tomáš
Odpovědnost a rozhodování sporů ve sportu

My thesis deals with some criminal aspects of sports activity and and the subsequent application of criminal law standards in sport, such as sports injuries, doping and corruption. Great attention is paid to the civil and criminal liability of an athlete for sports injuries. I...

Froulová, Dominika
Nezávislost soudců a advokátů v historickém vývoji

The theme of this diploma theses is the independence of the judges and the advocates and its historical development and it deals with one of the basic principles of the just trial the independence of both of these legal professions. The historical outline of the dev...

Váchal, Vladimír
Právní úprava požívání alkoholu a návykových látek v islámském a íránském právu

The work gives insights into Islamic law, specializing in Islamic law in criminal matters. The main issue being addressed is the regulation of alcohol and addictive drugs in the Islamic and Iranian law. The work does not attempt to offer some sort of comparison of these&#...