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Recent Submissions

Karel, Jakub
Právně-filozofické aspekty svobody vůle

In my thesis The Law and Philosophy aspects of Free Will, I will focus on the question of, if what we call free will is really that what we imagine when thinking about the concept and what this means for us. The matter of free will has been looked...

Mésárošová, Tereza
Postavení dítěte v islámském právu

The subject of my thesis is child status in Islamic Law. The first part deals with the right of personal status in general, legal subjectivity and facts that defines position of the child as Muslim. The second part focuses on rights and obligations resulting from child&#x...

Ptáček, Alena
Orgány spolku

This diploma thesis focuses on the theoretical and practical analysis of the legal regulation of registered associations and their various organisational bodies. The first chapter is devoted to the legal development of registered associations and is followed by a chapter on their autono...

Kubička, Adam
Efektivnost normativní regulace. Proces RIA v přípravě legislativního návrhu.

This diploma thesis deals with the regulatory impact assessment process (RIA) in the Czech Republic from 2007 to the present. There were four aims set. The first aim was to define the RIA process from perspectives of different authors, to define its aims, benefits and to&...

Vlčková, Šárka
Analýza termínu pravda v právních textech

This diploma thesis is focused on an issue of requirements fulfilment for accuracy, clarity, constancy, comprehensibility and purpose of legal terminology in a formation of legal texts. Partial linguistic analyses in a selected pattern of legal sources are made by using term truth ...