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Recent Submissions

Kurz, Patrik
Pohledávky v insolvenčním řízení ve světle judikatury

This qualifying work deals with issues of debt recovery to the creditor in insolvency proceedings. The main focus is on the impact of the jurisprudence on the legal regulation of insolvency law in relation to receivables and on the actual process of recovery of debts to&#...

Štekl, Vilém
Nesprávné postupy v zadávacích řízeních ve světle nového zákona o zadávání veřejných zakázek

This thesis is divided into five main thematic parts. The reader goes through an introduction and historical part, which presents wider contexts and origin of public procurement in the context of understanding the contemporary legal regulation. Practical topics are offered in chapter fo...

Míšek, Michal
Práva a povinnosti akcionáře

This diploma thesis focuses on the rights and obligations of the shareholder. Its aim is to set out the individual rights and duties, taking from the view of the case law of the Czech courts and the aim to point out their application. The introductory part of th...

Pfleger, Tomáš
Anonymita v a. s. a s. r. o.

This thesis is about the anonymity in public limited company and limited liability company and the securities in these capital companies in the form of shares and common certificate.

Bogiš, Tomáš
Kritéria pro výběr právní formy obchodní společnosti v České republice

The diploma thesis with the topic "Criteria for the selection of legal form of business company in the Czech Republic" brings a comparative perspective on the institutes of contribution obligation and related duty to create a registered capital, further gu...