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Recent Submissions

Vinopalová, Žaneta
Domény a doménové spory v ADR

This thesis deals with means and procedures of disputes arising from conflicts of domain names with rights of third parties. The reasons and causes of domain name disputes are explained in connection with the clarification of fundamental concepts and main principles concerning domains&#...

Hadravová, Petra
Povinnost loajality statutárního orgánu

The aim of this diploma thesis is to define a duty of loyalty of a member of statutory body and define the position of the duty of loyalty among other duties of statutory body. Introduction of this diploma thesis generrly define a concept of loyalty, define legal...

Szmolen, Adam
Vypořádací podíl

The thesis deals with the settlement share as a property right of a member of a business corporation. It defines the settlement share according to the law and deals with the specifics within the general and special regulation of the law, especially with regard to various&...

Dvořák, Josef
Právo na označení jako výhoda pro ochranu proti nekalé soutěži

This diploma thesis deals with relationship between unfair competiton and industrial rights. The wider part of my diploma thesis is devoted to specific areas of rights to designation, the most important of them is the trademark. I base this claim not only on the number of...

Valentová, Jana
Smlouva na veřejnou zakázku a její změny

The thesis deals with the alteration of contracts concluded in award procedures. It begins with introduction to the historical legislation of public procurement. In introduction to the topic is an analysis of the process, which is proceeded to the conclusion of the public procureme...