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Recent Submissions

Kisvetr, Milan
Meze projevů náboženského vyznání v současných demokratických státech

The topic of this thesis is "Limits of Religious Expression in Contemporary Democratic States". It is divided into several chapters. First of them can be understood as an introduction to the issue of the relationship between state and religion. Following chapter focuses on...

Nádravská, Dominika
Ochrana spotřebitele v právu EU se zaměřením na problematiku nekalých obchodních praktik

This diploma thesis is devoted to consumer protection in EU law, focusing on problematics of unfair commercial practices. The first chapter outlines the development of consumer protection against unfair commercial practices in EU law. The second chapter deals with characteristic terms such&#...

Pokorný, Tomáš
Některé náležitosti a povaha rozhodnutí prezidenta České republiky

Master's thesis deals with the decisions of the president of the Czech republic. These decisions are powers which are granted to president of the Czech republic by the Constitution of Czech republic. In this master's thesis those decisions are thoroughly analysed not only w...

Svobodová, Eliška
Euthanasie v kontextu lidských práv

The thesis deals with the issue of euthanasia from the perspective of fundamental rights. While studying fundamental rights and euthanasia, I gave arguments, which right is more for legalisation of euthanasia and which is more against legalisation. For this purpose, the thesis defines&#...

Čekalová, Jana
Ochrana svobody projevu v EU a USA, srovnávací pohled

The thesis compares protection of freedom of expression in Europe and the USA. The right to freedom of expression is a central human right and currently also a topical right. The diploma thesis deals with its philosophical conception and enshiring of the right to freedom ...