Recent Submissions

Rymonová, Denisa
Ší'itské sekty po smrti Ja'fara as-Sadiqa

This Bachelor thesis aims to gather all relevant informations about the Isma'ilism. There are also briefly introduced sects that arose after the death of the sixth Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq. The work focuses mainly on Isma'ili teachings and the historical background from its begi...

Duba, Jiří
Irácko-syrské vztahy v době vlády Saddáma Husajna

Thesis is presenting the history of the Saddam Husejn govermant in Iraq and his relations with Syria at the time of his rule.

Otýpková, Anna
Bahá'í v současném světě

Bahá'í Faith is the newest religion and the second most spread religion in the world, right after Christianity. The differences between this religious system and the Europian cultural environment where I come from have attracted my interests. Thus, I chose this topic so I ...

Tauberová, Jitka
Představy o pekle a ráji v islámu

The aim of this thesis is to explore conceptions about Hell and Paradise in Islam. Also discribes sinners and their punishment or the residents of the Paradise and the rewards granted to them. The characterization of an intricate journey of the human soul is also included...

Volná, Lucie
Viktor Fischl / Avigdor Dagan, muž dvou jmen

This bachelor thesis is focused on the important Czech author Viktor Fischl. He is the author of the post-war literature of the 20th century. In his literary works he followed up the themes of Holocaust, meaning of life and faith in God. In this work I follow up...