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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Analysis of traction permanent magnet motor with static and dynamic eccentricitiesŠobra, Jan; Hruška, Karel; Laksar, Jan
2020Analytical calculation of saturation effect on the operation maps of surface-mounted PMSMLaksar, Jan; Hruška, Karel; Veg, Lukáš
2021Analytical design of coreless axial-flux permanent magnet machine with planar coilsFrank, Zdeněk; Laksar, Jan
2021Challenges in the electromagnetic design of multiphase machines: winding and equivalent circuit parametersLaksar, Jan; Čermák, Radek; Hruška, Karel
2022Comparison of Five-Phase Winding Configurations of High-Speed PMSM Feasible to the Third Harmonic Current InjectionLaksar, Jan; Čermák, Radek; Dražan, Jiří
2019Comparison of two types of cooling of axial flux permanent magnet machines by CFD simulationVeg, Lukáš; Laksar, Jan
2019A comprehensive approach to calculation of permanent magnet lossesHruška, Karel; Laksar, Jan
2020Current in broken squirrel cage of induction machineSkala, Bohumil; Kindl, Vladimír; Šobra, Jan; Laksar, Jan
2020Design of permanent magnet synchronous generator for a wide speed rangeLaksar, Jan; Raab, Zdeněk; Pechánek, Roman
2021Detection of interturn short-circuits of e-bike BLDC motorFrank, Zdeněk; Laksar, Jan
2018The determination of iron core loss characteristics of special electrical steel typesHruška, Karel; Laksar, Jan; Šobra, Jan
2022Estimation of Eddy Current Losses in SPMSM Based on Harmonic DecompositionDražan, Jiří; Laksar, Jan
2022Finite Element Calculation of Inductances of Internal Permanent Magnet MotorsLaksar, Jan; Dražan, Jiří
2020Improved calculation of the slot leakage inductance of different slot shapesLaksar, Jan
2019Influence of machine geometry to the PMSM mathematical modelLaksar, Jan; Hruška, Karel; Veg, Lukáš
2020Iron losses calculation in non-harmonic power supplyKindl, Vladimír; Laksar, Jan; Skala, Bohumil; Schönfelder, Tristan
2015Koncept trakčního motoru pro MHD - modulární řešeníLaksar, Jan
2020Measurement of the effects of higher harmonic injection on nine-phase induction motorKalaj, Patrik; Čermák, Radek; Frank, Zdeněk; Kindl, Vladimír; Komrska, Tomáš; Laksar, Jan; Peroutka, Zdeněk
2022Multi-Pole Winding Behavior in Multiphase Motors under Current Harmonics OperationKalaj, Patrik; Komrska, Tomáš; Kindl, Vladimír; Čermák, Radek; Frank, Zdeněk; Laksar, Jan; Peroutka, Zdeněk
2022Multiphase winding analysis methodologyČermák, Radek; Dražan, Jiří; Laksar, Jan; Hruška, Karel