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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Alternative technology for SMD components connection by non‑conductive adhesive on a flexible substrateHirman, Martin; Navrátil, Jiří; Steiner, František; Džugan, Tomáš; Hamáček, Aleš
2019Bend testing of SMD chip resistors glued on flexible substratesHirman, Martin; Neuhöfer, Tomáš; Steiner, František
2020Comparison of conductive ribbons reliability during electrical current ageingHirman, Martin; Navrátil, Jiří; Steiner, František; Hamáček, Aleš
2019Comparison of QFN chips glued by ACA and NCA adhesives on the flexible substrateHirman, Martin; Steiner, František; Navrátil, Jiří; Hamáček, Aleš
2013Comparison of Rosin FluxesRendl, Karel; Macháč, Jan; Steiner, František; Wirth, Václav
2020Design, fabrication and risk assessment of IoT unit for products manufactured in industry 4.0 factoryHirman, Martin; Benešová, Andrea; Šíma, Karel; Steiner, František; Tupa, Jiří
2019Determination of changes in process management within industryBenešová, Andrea; Hirman, Martin; Steiner, František; Tupa, Jiří
2010Effect of thermal stress and constitution of lead-free soldering alloys on creation and growth of IMCNovák, Tomáš; Steiner, František
2020Effect of washing cycles on glued conductive joints used on stretchable smart textile ribbonsHirman, Martin; Navrátil, Jiří; Steiner, František; Hamáček, Aleš
2020Electrical resistance of solder joints on conductive ribbonsHirman, Martin; Navrátil, Jiří; Steiner, František; Hamáček, Aleš
2007Implementace bezolovnaté technologie pájení v elektronické výroběSteiner, František; Hamáček, Aleš; Skočil, Vlastimil
2019Industry 4.0 and business process managementTupa, Jiří; Steiner, František
2015Influence of electrically conductive adhesive amount on shear strength of glued jointsSteiner, František; Hirman, Martin
2020Influence of production and operating conditions on properties of acrylic conformal coatingsSteiner, František; Hirman, Martin; Rous, Pavel; Hornak, Jaroslav
2015Innovated relays for railway signalling and interlockingKonečný, Ivan; Kroupa, Michael; Polanský, Radek; Prosr, Pavel; Steiner, František
2007Modelování a optimalizace diagnostických procesůTupa, Jiří; Steiner, František; Skočil, Vlastimil
2012Multiplexer for automatic testing of multimedia unitsRendl, Karel; Blecha, Tomáš; Herc, Ladislav; Klocker, Lukáš; Linhart, Richard; Sehnal, Petr; Steiner, František; Wirth, Václav
2012NZEE 2013 - Slovo úvodemPihera, Josef; Steiner, František
2019Optimization of apertures shapes in stencil for ECA printing to connecting of SMD components on PCBsHirman, Martin; Steiner, František
2020Optimization of contacting technological process on printed conductive pattern for wearable electronicsBenešová, Andrea; Hirman, Martin; Hlína, Jiří; Tupa, Jiří; Steiner, František; Řeboun, Jan