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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Comparing the Low-Cost Measuring Devices for Standstill Frequency Response (SSFR) Testing for Electric MachinesPavlíček, Vladimír; Fořt, Jiří; Pittermann, Martin; Skála, Bohumil
2020Analysis of Multilevel Electronic Balancer for AC Traction Substation with PS-PWMBlahnik, Vojtěch; Straka, Miloš; Pittermann, Martin
2020Using an ANN Approach to Estimate Output Power and PAE of A Modified Class-F Power AmplifierJamshidi, Mohammad Behdad; Roshani, Saeed; Talla, Jakub; Roshani, Sobhan
2020A Compact Low-Pass Filter with Simple Structure and Sharp Roll-OffJamshidi, Mohammad Behdad; Roshani, Sobhan; Roshani, Saeed; Talla, Jakub
2020Control of Multilevel Converter for AC Traction Substation with Power Symmetrization UnitBlahnik, Vojtěch; Straka, Miloš; Pittermann, Martin
2020Educational test rig for non-standard electric machinesFrank, Zdeněk; Štěpánek, Jan; Hruška, Karel
2020Analytical calculation of saturation effect on the operation maps of surface-mounted PMSMLaksar, Jan; Hruška, Karel; Veg, Lukáš
2020Comparison of IPMSM parameter estimation methods for motor efficiencyGlac, Antonín; Šmídl, Václav; Peroutka, Zdeněk; Hackl, Christoph M.
2020Analysis of skin effect in single wire resistance by finite element methodsGonzález Teodoro, Jorge Rafael; Kindl, Vladimír; Romero Cadaval, Enrique; Asensi, Rafael
2020Measurement of the effects of higher harmonic injection on nine-phase induction motorKalaj, Patrik; Čermák, Radek; Frank, Zdeněk; Kindl, Vladimír; Komrska, Tomáš; Laksar, Jan; Peroutka, Zdeněk